Why Simplicity Linux?

You may be wondering why to use Simplicity Linux rather than say, Ubuntu or Linux Mint or Debian.  Or even Windows.  And it’s a good question.  We’re not big, we’re not well known to a lot of people.  And we only have 1 full time developer.

Simplicity Linux is aimed at regular users.  Not Linux geeks, not computer experts.  But regular people.  We even have a guy who knows nothing about computers, doesn’t own a computer and isn’t interested in computers who we consult with about whether he understand how to use Simplicity.  We keep things…well…simple!

We also work on several different versions.  We have one for people who just want to boot up and get going online – Obsidian.  That is designed to boot quickly and get you online straight away.  Then there is Netbook for those who want a light OS but something a little more substantial than Obsidian.  We have Desktop for the full on experience.  And lastly, we have Media edition which is great for lounge PCs or bedroom PCs because it is designed with your media in mind.

And real people use Simplicity Linux every day, from places as close to home as Germany, to as far flung as Honduras (it’s between Guatemala and Nicaragua).  Our users are very happy with Simplicity Linux too.  We are often asked for pre-release images and when our next version is coming out.

Which brings us to another point.  Simplicity Linux’s release schedule is easy to follow: January, April, July, and October.  We try and release betas and alphas, but real life sometime gets in the way (one developer, remember?)  But you can always rely on the January, April, July and October releases.

Another big plus is that you can throw Simplicity on a CD, USB key or any bootable media and just test it.  Plus you can remove that bootable media without crashing the OS.  And unlike other Linux distributions, Simplicity will run at full speed, even when booted from a CD.

Lastly, this is not a geeky Linux.  We use Cairo and XFCE as an interface, because we think they’re the easiest to work with.  We keep the XFCE bar at the top because it contains a lot of important bits, and we keep both that and Cairo auto-hidden so they’re out of your way when you’re trying to work.  Everything you need is right in the Cairo dock, and if you want to add anything else, you just have to drag it there.  Nothing complicated or hard.

So, that is why you should try Simplicity Linux.  Download it and give it a go.

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  1. henk mulder says:

    What are the demands for the hardware? Can I use Simplicity on a eeePC 4G?

    • simplicity says:

      Not sure how it would work on a eee 4G but we use it on an old Dell Mini 9 regularly with few problems. Hope that helps you out!

    • Adam J says:

      I experienced problems installing and even booting every single Puppy based distro on eee hardware. Never managed to solve the problem. But there again, worth trying, I suppose .

      • simplicity says:

        Sorry to hear that! If you could tell me what problems you’re having, maybe I could help out.

        • ntr says:

          EEE hardware can be made to work, with some Puppy flavors at least, but apparently it is not very easy (not owning one I have not tried but there are quite a few Puppy respins that specifically target EEE because of the weirdness).

          I have not used these (again: no EEE hw to use them on) , but a quick search turned up puppeee by jemimah , pupeee by dvw86 , eeetiger by dinky , dingoPlus by drbongo , Pupeee4.2 by luther349 , breeezy by raffi , and puppy301-eee by somebody else. Unsure which particular EEE boxen these support, and whether they are still active puppy distros or not, but these are perhaps a good starting-point for further research.

    • eeePuppy says:

      I have run many Puppies on my eeePC 900 (4G). I’ve always gotten the WLAN and video to work, and it’s pretty snappy. I just installed a fresh XP on it (It’s locked down pretty hard, but my daughter needs real MS Office for school), and am looking to dual boot Simplicity with it. I’m currently running Simplicity 15.10 off of an SD card on it, and it works well.

  2. ralph says:

    Will my dell inspiron laptop with built-in wireless work? Other distros detected it fine. Will this work??

    • simplicity says:

      I’m not sure, but there is a good chance it will. We have a few laptops that Ubuntu and Mint don’t detect the builtin wifi card, but Simplicity does. Hope that helps at least a little!

      • AwlsomeAlex says:

        Does Broadcom work?

        • simplicity says:

          I’m not sure as I haven’t personally got a broadcom device. However, we’re working on something that should hopefully be compatible with as much hardware as possible in the next version of X.

  3. Hugo Rincon says:

    Will Simplicity work only booting from the CD or Pendrive, like Puppy Linux? or can it be installed permanetly in a hard drive?

  4. martin says:

    1 – Is Simplicity safe to use for everyday browsing/shopping etc.

    2- Can you install Simplicity as a triple boot with windows, lubuntu and or Linux.

    • simplicity says:

      1: Yes, we include TOR Browser with every release from 14.7 onward for this exact reason. Plus if you want added security, run it from a USB key or CD and don’t save the session, therefore nothing is saved anywhere (including any malware).
      2: I honestly don’t know. We run it from a USB key and save all our documents to the laptop’s hard drive because it boots so quickly that way so we’ve never tried dual or triple booting.

      • Laks says:

        Ans. of 2nd que.– First install windows,then x/l buntu,lastly install simplicity with universel installer.Install Grub4Dos at MBR.And keep a swap pertisan also.

  5. Tony says:

    Will you be releasing a media version and will it run on a WYSE thin client?

    • simplicity says:

      We used to create a Media edition, and we may do again for the next release. You can find our 14.1 Media Edition here. If the WYSE thin client has a x86 processor and can boot from USB or CD then it should work.

  6. Petros says:

    Copied from http://distrowatch.com/
    David Purse has announced the release of Simplicity Linux 14.7, a set of lightweight, Puppy-based Linux distributions in four editions

    Obsidian 14.7 Size of ISO = 187.8Mb
    Puppy Precise 5.71 Size of ISO = 156mb

    I cant seem to find a good list of what I will be running on my PC when using Obsidian 14.7
    I also cant understand why the Obsidian ISO is so much bigger than Puppy Precise
    Is it possible for you to update your Website so that the public can view all information about what you have built and are offering
    Thank you for all your efforts

    • simplicity says:

      Obsidian is much bigger than Puppy because it has TOR Browser as well as the latest Firefox browser, and it also has the latest Flash plugin. Hope that helps out a bit!

      • Petros says:

        Thank you very much for the quick reply
        The information regarding Browsers and Flash is of much help to me
        I look forward to you releasing a version without Flash and Tor

  7. Timmi says:

    so… what are the minimum system requirements for each version?

    • simplicity says:

      I’m not sure about the absolute minimum system specs, but we run Netbook comfortably on an ancient Dell Mini 9 netbook. And we’ve run Desktop on a 900mhz Pentium dual core with 1gb RAM fairly well. Hope this helps.

      • Timmi says:

        I believe that it is possible to run almost every desktop linux under the sun in 1GB of RAM, this is not news.
        How much RAM is used when it is loaded and running?
        I like to have 8X the minimum amount of required RAM in a machine, for an OS. having 8GB is unrealistic for this type of OS. And not knowing the minimum requirements, does not allow to appreciate the programming prowesses of this OS as compared to others. I already know that I don’t want to run Mint on an old eeePC1000HE netbook that has been upgraded to 1GB of RAM, even if Mint will run in 512MB for example. But I run Bodhi on it, and it runs extremely well. When considering OSes for that netbook, for example, I know I will look at Bodhi, Anti-X, Peppermint… and perhaps this one? I don’t know – if the developpers don’t know…?
        Isn’t this the sort of thing that the developper, of all, _should_ know?

  8. Petros says:

    I have tested Obsidian 147 release and I do not see firefox 30
    I see TOR and Seamonkey

  9. giuseppe says:

    does it work in dual boot with windows 7 ?

    • simplicity says:

      It should do, but we personally run it from a USB key because it boots nice and quickly and we can use it on multiple machines. Hope that answers your question.

      • ntr says:

        Dual-booting is possible, in other words, but you don’t need to go through the effort. Simplicity can be installed onto, and boot directly from, a usbstick. It will run quite quickly thataway, especially if you have usb3 ssd, but it will also be very reasonable on el-cheapo usb2 flashnand.

        With simplicity on a usbstick like that, just reboot your box, hit F12 (or whatever), and select boot-from-usb (or similar). Then, when you want to boot back into windows/ubuntu/centos/whatever that is installed on your main internal drive, just skip hitting F12 during the boot. That’s new-school.

        Old-school also works. Installing simplicity directly onto an internal HDD, after repartitioning, and then reconfiguring your hdd’s bootloader to recognize the added OS, is still *possible* of course. But since simplicity runs fine from usb-boot, there isn’t much need to go through the trouble of configuring a classic multi-boot setup.

        • simplicity says:

          Dual booting via USB key is actually how we ran Simplicity Linux on our production machine for years. Thanks for the feedback!

  10. mike bike says:

    Put sha256 or something else for checking correctness of iso images.

    • simplicity says:

      Going forward we’re going to put MD5 sums next to the iso image names and links. Hope that works for you!

      • mike bike says:

        Yes, md5 will do. Just do it.

        One more thing. I but from usb, can I save changes on it? How?

        If you need help with web development (putting something on page or something more) just ask, I can help.

        BTW, do you know any other distro that can be run from usb and load completely into ram memory? As far I know puppy and simplicity. Is there something else worth to try? It can be bigger than simplicity desktop, I don’t mind.

        • simplicity says:

          If you want to save changes to USB, when you shut down Simplicity, just create a save file and it will load every time you boot. Hope that helps!

        • Ace says:

          Some special multiboot tools like yumi multiboot can put ubuntu and some ubuntu-based distros on a usb flash drive and a persistant storage amount for automatically writing changes to the usb drive, but be careful that it u don’t get too close to the save size or it’ll not work right. I like ubuntu lucid (10.04.4) desktop.

  11. Ronan Harris says:

    Is Simplicity Linux Based on another Linux Based OS like Ubuntu/Debian/SuSe or something ?

    • simplicity says:

      Yes, it’s based on Puppy Linux. We used the Ubuntu version system because it makes sense (year.month) when you want find the latest version.

  12. Paul says:

    Do you offer a list of keyboard shortcuts? Can’t find one but would love to find out. I’m right now running Simplicity Linux on a USB key and I’m totally blown away by how the OS only needs aboyt 65MB memory to run.

    • simplicity says:

      Thanks for the comments! Unfortunately we don’t offer a list of keyboard shortcuts, but it will make it onto the list of long term things to do!

  13. Patrick says:

    olha, eu um novato, e eu queria saber onde eu posso baixar linux 14.4, eu uso windows. mas eu quero usar o linux. por favor me ajuda. obrigado…..

    • Patrick says:

      look, I am newbie, and I wanted to know where I can download linux 14.4, I use windos. but i want to use linux. please help me. Thank you …..

      • simplicity says:

        You can get Simplicity Linux 14.7 from the sidebar, burn it to a CD (or use unetbootin to put it on a USB key) for free. Hope that helps.

  14. jaco says:

    Simplicity stands for simple i guess.
    Perhaps on my computer a old celeron with 2 gig ram.
    I installed it to harddisk.

    First wireless was terrible slow and firefox was a bad browser and flash did not work !

    Firefox was terrible and speed is bad.

    Then i want a light browser like midori browser.
    First i get a message that imlib has not found and cannot installed and is not installed .
    No this stands not for simple but for frustating.

    Waste of time to use on old systems.

    • simplicity says:

      Sorry it didn’t work for you. We have tried it on an old celeron with 1 gig RAM and whilst it was a little slow, it was usable. Perhaps Netbook Edition would work better for an older machine? It’s what we used. Hope that helps.

      • jaco says:

        no thanks i stay away from it.
        linux is not ready for desktop users total garbage system.
        i stay by windows

        a normal program like ‘midori’ can not installed in simplicity .
        only firefox what is a total resource waste of time browser not ready for old systems.
        also programs can not installed with dependencies problems.

        • Alexis says:

          Then stay by windows. Simplicity does not only stand for being simple but also stylish. i am surprised that you sound a bit like ‘ linux is not for old system, windows is’. I tell you one thing lad, windows is too bloated to be even recognized as an operating system.

          • simplicity says:

            Thank you Alexis. We personally run Simplicity on an old x86 1.2ghz single core Atom netbook and a 64 bit quad core 2.6ghz new laptop. Naturally the old Atom runs slower, but it works well enough to be usable, which is more than can be said for Windows 8 after a couple of months of light use on the quad core.

        • J> linux is not ready for desktop users total garbage J>system. i stay by windows

          You do that, Bunky, and ignore the (roughly) 80,324,961 current Linux users worldwide. Obviously, you know more than all of them…

        • >linux is not ready for desktop users total garbage system.

          Spoken like someone with little understanding. Here’s a link, so you can educate yourself. https://www.quora.com/What-percentage-of-people-use-Linux

          from the link above:
          >>How many people Access the Internet. Most routers run Linux or Unix. How many >>people have TV recievers and smart TVs? Those are also mostly Linux machines.

          >i stay by windows

          You do that Bunky. And the next time your Win box crashes, someone may well use Linux to rescue your data. Personally, I use Windows, Mac, Linux, and even (gasp) DOS, each as appropriate for the needs of the moment…

  15. Chris says:

    @jaco It isn’t the devs fault that your old PC isn’t up to par. If your PC can’t handle this, try Puppy Wary. It is made for ancient hardware.

    @simplicity Thanks for this! I’ve been looking for a fresh Puppy derived distro since Lighthouse went on hiatus. Looks very nice. My HTPC and I thank you greatly!

    • simplicity says:

      You’re welcome Chris! We do have a small collection of old laptops we test on (a Dell Mini 9, a 900mhz single core with 2gb RAM and a 2.4ghz with 1gb RAM) to see how it fares but obviously we can’t test on every machine.

  16. Justinian says:

    Fully working full installations of 13.x and 14.x releases for XP dual boot on these old units:
    1) Pentium 4 desktop onboard VGA & 512 mb DDR
    2) Centrino M laptop discrete Radeon & 1024 mb DDR2.

  17. Jo says:

    Congratulations, nice work! I put 14.10 desktop on my SD card using Linux Live USB Creator. Works fine on my good old Asus eeepc 901. Compared to Lubuntu the settings options are kind of cluttered but that seems to be a usual issue of puppy especially with “extra” desktops such as lxde or xfce. A RSS-Link to your homepage would be nice. Looking forward to the things to come!

  18. Dimitris says:

    Greetings from Greece,

    I just want to thank you for providing one of the best, if not the best, lightweight distros out there.I use Simplicity almost daily in my bedroom’s old PC.I’ve used literally EVERY other disto but there was always something wrong.Either the web browsing experience was too damn laggy or my WiFi adapter wouldn’t work.My setup:
    CPU:Intel Pentium 4 single core @ 3.4Ghz
    Mobo:AsRock P4VT8+
    GPU:HIS Ati Radeon 9250 PRO
    WiFi adapter:Airties WUS-201 (zydas1211 chipset)
    I use the Desktop edition and it works flawlessly.Best experience from a PC that would have gone for recycle. Now I use it for all kinds of stuff. I’ve used Puppy and many other distros as I said before but the clean look and ergonomic overall setup in combination with total hardaware responsivness of Simplicity is top notch.
    Again thank you so much for creating Simplicity and hope you won’t drop i386 version as I read somewhere in your webpage!

    Best regards,

    • simplicity says:

      Hi Dimitris
      We wouldn’t drop i386 support, we’re just looking at adding 64 bit releases too as this is what our current hardware is, and we like to use what we produce (if it doesn’t work for us, it’s not going to work for others). Thanks for the feedback, it’s always nice to hear how people are using Simplicity!

  19. Just installed Simplicity on my friend’s Lenovo Ideapad netbook. Looks and works great so far. Only one question – where’s the recycle bin? (grin)

  20. ‘Nuther question – is there a way to ‘undock’ the drive icons, so I can move them around the desktop? The default keeps them centered above the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

    • simplicity says:

      Not quite sure what you mean, could you give me a little more detail as to the problem and hopefully we can get it sorted out for you.

      • This is from fading memory, as I wiped the Simplicity install, and used Puppy Linux 5.7 for the computer. But IIRC, the icons were in fixed positions on the desktop, and could not be re-positioned. As I said earler, the default keeps them centered above the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

  21. thomas says:

    I’ve installed simplicity 15.1 on my old acer aoa110 with atom n270 and very bad ssd with 16gb of memory, band 1.5gb of ram… The system run very Wells, but i have a problem: the system doesn’t shutdown! Just cose the desktop and go into terminal view…. I will try to reinstall it but how i can resolve this problem?

    • simplicity says:

      Odd, it should shut down properly. Try typing poweroff into the terminal it closes into and that should fix the problem. Hope it helps a little bit!

      • thomas says:

        When i have a little time i try to reinstall simplicity and try your “solution”, but it’s not good shutdown the system in this mode, when i press shutdown the system have to shut down all, not only the desktop.

  22. Tien says:

    Sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere or is a noobie question (I’m not much of a tech geek…hence why I’m here!). Can Simplicity OS be configured to run from RAM? Thanks in advance.

  23. Jack D says:

    I tried the new version of simplicity on a 4 core 3600Mhz machine. as live disc. It runs fast and well. But it is called Simplicity… why I wonder? I was astonished & overwhelmed by the vast number of unknowable & incomprehensible ‘apps’ that are listed. I am a trained computer technician with 10+ years as a hobbyist. I an NOT a Linux expert & don’t want to be. I don’t wish to have to learn this system in order to be able to use a so-called Simplicity OS on a PC. I could not fathom the reason for including all these geekish horrors. 80% of them should be removed. Otherwise it is nice, but MUCH too complicated. regards

    • simplicity says:

      If you could tell me which geekish horrors you were having trouble with, maybe we could help you out a little. Alternatively you could try Netbook which is little more than Linux and a browser. Hope it helps.

  24. os2er says:

    I like the heck out of Simplicity, EXCEPT:
    First, I’ll go along with “geekish horrors” just because I like that phrase. I too have NO idea what most programs in Desktop even do. It’d be nice to have brief list stating function.

    Hower, I do have two specifics. First is that no matter how many times I set keyboard rate with Pup-X settings, it only lasts for a session. I fixed it (in 15.3 but had to re-install 15.4 after I caused a crash) with “script” in startup,

    Second was maybe one-time. Tor Browser seemed to start the very first time — oh, THREE specifics: if networking isn’t connected at power-on, it runs you through the setup — that’s why I stopped Tor on its first run from install. Then it wouldn’t even begin! Ran it from terminal and said “dangerous to run as root”! I don’t know any other mode with Simplicity, so took that out, now works.

    And FOUR, “FTP” password won’t stay set if nil, I think it should…

    Thanks. Simplicity is the least trouble Linux that I’ve found.

    • simplicity says:

      I will look into the other issues as others have mentioned it in the past. As for the TOR issue, you could try typing in the terminal chown -R root /root/tor-browser_en-US and then edit /root/tor-browser_en-US/Browser/start-tor-browser to remove the lines of code which stop it running as root. I know this isn’t a great fix, but we’re working on a script which will fix this automatically for people. Hope these help you a little.

  25. os2 says:

    Clarification to last: if NETWORK is NOT physcially connected AT boot, any activity pops up the settings for ethernet interface. It’s no good to connect the cable and expect it init’d automatically. Just does not work. THEN, after setting it manually it never persists to next power-on, so the only practical way is to connect the wire and re-boot.

    That’s of course all separate from the Tor Browser establishing link.

  26. Elisha says:

    hi guys! I love simplicity but i am having problems booting it. I FINALLY have it installed to my laptops harddrive(it’s an acer if that helps) and when I rebooted it, everything was fine. The problem is that when I click the puppy linux full installation on sda1, it starts to boot, and then I get something that says “kernel panic, not syncing” and other things like “no init found” what can I do to fix this? I fell in love with simplicity since i first burned it to a cd, and i really want to fix this so I have it permanently. Can anyone help me/tell me what to do/what i did wrong?

    • simplicity says:

      Glad you like Simplicity, and I’m not sure what the issue is, but I do know other users have had the same issue recently. We’re looking into it and hope to have a fix ready for the 15.7 release next month. Hope that helps!

  27. greyowl says:

    I need some help in deciding which version on Simplicity to use. I have an old Dell Latitude D600 laptop with a 1.6Ghz Pentium M processor, 1GB RAM, and 20GB HDD. The wireless uses a Broadcom b43 legacy driver and the printer is connected via parallel port. Everything works well with Precise Puppy 5.7.1 OOTB.
    Could you suggest which version of Simplicity would likely work with my hardware?

  28. Chris says:

    Is it recommended to run simplicity as a live usb or to perform a “frugal” install to a usb?

    • simplicity says:

      You can do either. We personally ran it from a live USB for years with absolutely no problems, just saving files to the USB key seperately.

  29. Jaap Viergever says:


    Can I use Simplicity Linux on a IBM Thinkpad (non pae)?

    Jaap Viergever

    • simplicity says:

      At the moment, no. But keep an eye out in about a month as we’re trying to fix the pae/non-pae issue with 32 bit without having to create two different images. Hope this helps a tiny bit.

  30. Lurleen says:

    Thank you so much, this is a lovely and quick distro – it’s just as easy to navigate as ubuntu or mint (I’m a fairly novice linux user) also, easiest to set up and least dropped wifi of any linux distro I’ve ever tried! Thanks for your hard work.

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  32. Jaap4 says:


    Is there a non pae version available. I own a aged HP thinkpad R50e, Pentium M!

    J.A. Viergever

  33. miaro says:

    Hello. I want to find a linux distribution for my proline celeron x64, but i got problem with uefi. Only ubuntu 15.04 or 15.10 seems to work. Is your current version based on vivid?

  34. Amirul(Indonesia) says:

    anybody can tell me about the history simplicity, like who makes it and why it was made ?

    • simplicity says:

      Hi Amirul,
      Simplicity is made by David Purse (me!) It was made originally as a distro for my father who wanted an easy to use Linux distro for a lounge PC. A few people saw it and liked it so I put it online and I’ve continued working on it ever since. It’s gone from using IceWM to XFCE and now to using LXDE, but it has always used Puppy Linux as a base because I think it’s a great little distro whether you’re using new hardware or old (we run it on a 1.8ghz quad core machine with 4gb RAM but also runs on my parents single core 900mhz laptop with a 1gb RAM). Hope that helps, let me know if you want more info.

  35. Paul Wieloszynski says:

    I wanted to do an HDD install rather than a live disc on the following machine with the following specs and apparent problems:

    IBM ThinkPad i Series 1400 2611 – Celeron – 64 MB RAM – 4.8 GB HDD.

    Due to apparently non-functional CD drive and USB port, loaded Simplicity into HDD in another laptop, including Grubloader and re-installed in Thinkpad 2611.

    It seems to have stalled on startup at “Making the filesystem usable… depmod” hanging there with apparent hard drive activity for a couple of hours. Is this laptop worth the effort? Will it ever finish? Perhaps will finish before I get a reply.

    Am guessing that installing 256mb ram would be helpful, if not the solution.

    Works terrific on other machines, though, so am hoping for the best, as this is a very nice distro.

    • simplicity says:

      I’ve never tried it on a machine with as little as 64mb of RAM (I think 512mb was the least I’ve tried and I think 128mb is the minimum), but I think you’re probably right that more RAM will help!

  36. Josep Gonzalez (josepgo) says:

    Hello everybody:

    I’m using Puppy linux on my trusty eee pcs: 4G, 901 and 900.
    Puppy makes all those litle wonders run better than their respective very first day, either with xandros or Windows XP.

    I allways use Puppy as a live USB memory stick, and I customize it with my prefered software: libreoffice, firefox, vlc, thunderbird, pidgin, truecrypt, …
    Even on a basic eee pc 4G with just 512MB of RAM Puppy runs perfect. With a text doc and a spreadsheet (libreoffice), and with navigating through Firefox I just spend about 350 MB of RAM. That’s wonderful.

    Try to do that with Windows!

    Seriously speaking, Puppy and their pupplets are great for resurrecting forgot netbooks, even from the first generation (2007 to 2008).
    Thanks to Puppy I can still use those 1 Kg machines everywhere.
    Even the battery last more time due to the less resources used by this software.

    And yes, I am one of the few users really happy with the small screen (7 to 8.9″) and keyboard of the eee pcs. And for now I really prefer them instead of tablets; at least for productivity matters.

    I started trying slacko puppy. Later on lucid, precise, and now Tharpup.
    As Puppy is going on I find it better than before.
    The only issue with tharpup is with eee pc 901. I have problems connecting to internet, but I’m sure that I’ll find the way to solve it. But any issue with an eee pc 4G!

    As I use computers for productivity Puppy gives me all I want and need fot my everyday work.

    Now it’s time to try simplicity. I’ll give my opinion later about it.

  37. Yves Laneville says:

    I tried Puppy 4.3 which revived my laptop. I just installed Simplicity and the revival goes a step ahead. I just miss the F12 key that toggles the run menu on Puppy. I tried many combination and discovered some keyboard short keys but did not find this one which is the one I would use the most. Does one exist?

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  39. Randall says:

    Which version of puppy linux is simplicity based on?

    Some versions of puppy linux are slow, some are fast.

    If it is based around Debian Precise Puppy, then it’s slow like watching the grass grow.

    If it’s based on T2 Racy, then it’s like running a race car.

    Which version of puppy linux is simplicity based on?

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  41. Tomas Ström says:

    Hey there. I work with usability and curious about Simplicity. Do you think it will work on an old Dell Precision M90? It has some odd hardware like the Nvidia Quadro FX2500M and some Intel 3945 wifi. It seems that the only distro I have tried that can use most (not all) hardware is Linux Mint.

    • simplicity says:

      I honestly don’t know if it would work or not. You might be able to find some drivers in the repos for your hardware though!

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