T minus 2 days

We’ve been a bit quiet lately.  As someone commented, life happens.  Life happened again and disrupted our plans.  But now we’re back on track and pleased to announce that on Friday we will be releasing Alpha ISOs of Simplicity Linux 19.10.  X is mostly ready to go, although being X we will always be tinkering with it.  Mini is ready to go as well.  And Desktop has a few issues we’d like to fix before putting an Alpha out.

In addition to this, we’ve gone back to how we used to work – eating our own dog food.  When Simplicity was originally released, it’s what we used as our daily desktop.  It meant that we could find bugs faster and iron out annoying issues.  We ran with the mantra “If it doesn’t work for us, it doesn’t work.”  For various reasons, we stopped doing this and Simplicity suffered for it.  Now I am running a customised version of Simplicity 19.10 X on my machine as my daily desktop.  Is it smooth running?  No.  But it makes me fix those problems because otherwise I can’t do the things I need to do.

The ISOs will be uploaded to Sourceforge on Friday and there will be more details on the releases tomorrow, until then, here are a couple of screenshots of Mini’s new layout.

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