Simplicity X 20.4 Pre-Beta

It’s been a while since I posted last.  Long story short, I was told in January that my entire department *could* be made redundant on March 31st 2020.  Everyone in the department knew that meant that we would, and after a consultation period, I was told two weeks ago that I would indeed be being made redundant.  Fast forward to this week, and I didn’t feel good on Monday, felt really rough on Tuesday and Tuesday lunchtime I self-isolated and left work for the last time.  I felt a little better yesterday, and better still today.

This is what I’ve been working on all day. Simplicity X 20.4 Pre-Beta. It’s rough but most of it works. The idea is to make a version of Simplicity good enough for people to use as a replacement for Windows. X 20.4 has predictive text in apps, Zoom, Redshift (changes the brightness of the screen depending on the time of day), Rhinote sticky notes, LibreOffice, Remmina remote desktop, Joplin task manager, a Pomodoro timer (, RescueTime for limiting apps and sites and Firefox plus a VPN, password manager and ad blocker. There’s still lots to do on it, but I wanted to put this out today.  You can download it from
MD5: c026cefe93f74f4e4c3cc8e0cf00c78d

Since I’m going to be in self-isolation for 2 weeks, expect quite a few releases, because sitting at home watching Netflix isn’t my thing!

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