Simplicity Linux 20.7 Alpha is now available

We are pleased to announce the release of Simplicity Linux 20.7 Alpha. All versions are based on Buster Dog (which you can find here) with the 5.6.12 XanMod kernel, PCManFM as the desktop and XFCE4-Panel. We chose the latter two over Cinnamon because we’ve decided that Simplicity was getting a little bloated, and dropping Cinnamon cut a lot of this bloat.

With people working from home more, we have had a redesign of Mini 20.7. It has web based versions of Google Docs, Gmail, Taiga and Spotify like earlier releases, but it also includes Messenger, Mega, and Photopea so that you can do more without having to have a powerful laptop to run local applications.

We also looked at what we could do with Desktop 20.7 to help people working from home. It comes with Pidgin Messenger, GIMP, LibreOffice, Mega, Thunderbird, and Zoom as local applications.

Gaming 20.7 Alpha is a lot heavier than any of the other versions because it comes preinstalled with SuperTuxKart, Steam, OBS and Discord as locally installed applications. In addition to this, we’ve added two small scripts on the desktop, one which turns CPU governor to Performance, and another which turns it to OnDemand.

X 20.7 this time around is a redesign of Gaming. We are gamers at Simplicity Linux, and so we decided to see how far we could push the new Gaming edition whilst keeping the standard edition stable. It comes with Stadia on the desktop, as well as Steam and a web based version of Discord. It also comes with a different version of OBS to Gaming. The version of OBS in Gaming comes from the Debian Backports repos. The version in X is the latest version, compiled from source and includes the ability to stream to Facebook, something older versions lack.

Mini 20.7 Alpha
Size: 474mb
MD5: 8e2f0fd6ce867a37af97d5b78d3d626c

Desktop 20.7 Alpha
Size: 786.4mb
MD5: 3ecc9183a5876bc3688918c4006b4cad

Gaming 20.7 Alpha
Size: 1.2gb
MD5: a40f194f0508d50594e95c1322dbcc28

X 20.7 Alpha
Size: 535.8mb
MD5: 3e744958f20999a7353747fcbfdab471

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