Donors Page

The following people are awesome and have donated to Simplicity Linux:

The first ever donor: Mark Williams ($2)
21/7/4: William Ford ($1)
22/7/14: Michael Sherman ($1)
23/7/14: Brian Carter ($1)
23/7/14: James Alexander ($1)
23/7/14: Julio Isidro Cheein ($1)
24/7/14: Shawn Chain ($1)
25/7/14: Julien Hofman ($1)
26/7/14: Geoffrey Stacey ($1)
28/7/14: Ricardo Araiz ($1)
28/7/14: Mark Fairchild ($1)
29/7/14: Charles Bannister ($1)
30/7/14: Russell Torres ($1)
31/7/14: Arnold Fodor ($1)

8 Responses to “Donors Page”

  1. Russ Torres says:

    Just purchased the new Subdivision 14.7 , really enjoy this version of Linux. Two questions though: How do you clear “Recent Documents” and will gpodder ever work with any version of Puppy Linux?

    • simplicity says:

      We will look into gpodder, I’m not sure whether it will work. As for clearing recent documents, just paste this into the terminal

      cat /dev/null > .local/share/recently-used.xbel

      Hope that helps you out!

  2. Jimmy42 says:

    I got the subdivision 14.7 the other day and I Love It. I am downloading the desktop version as I write this. Gonna try it. Has any body tried to install Simplicity to a Windows 8.1 Acer Tablet. I want to try but kinda hesitant about doing so.
    BTW: Tried to donate via PAYPAL, but no invoice showed up. Will try later.
    Thanks to You and the Team
    Jimmy Alexander

    • simplicity says:

      Simplicity doesn’t currently have any touchscreen drivers, so I doubt it would work well without an external keyboard and pointing device. Maybe you could try it with Virtualbox on windows 8.1. I will look into the PayPal issue for you and see what I can sort out for you. Hope that helps your issues 🙂

  3. Russell Torres says:

    Payment for Subdivision Early Access has posted to my checking acct but no email to download.

  4. A. Smith says:

    Hi, not sure where to contact via email so apologies for posting here.
    Awesome looking distro you have here. I need a distro such as this for an old re-purposed pc so I have not opted to install yet though, for these reasons: Just a bit disappointed that your web page does not mention minimum system requirements (32/64 bit versions?) or even a basic list of installed programs 🙁
    Also I would like to know in advance if WINE/doors is pre-installed or easily installed from repos etc within your OS?
    Looking forward to giving this a spin anyway soon so-
    cheers and keep up the good work 😉

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