Simplicity Linux 16.04 Alpha is now available

Simplicity Linux Mini Alpha Edition 16.04 Screenshot (Previously known as Simplicity Linux Netbook Edition)Simplicity Linux 16.04 Alpha releases are now available.  In this release, we have decided to change the name our trusty Simplicity Linux Netbook Edition to Mini.  We feel that this new name more accurately reflects this edition.  We’d love to know what you think about the change.

As it was usual in Simplicity Linux Netbook Edition, Mini is a cut-down version of our Desktop Edition Linux distro.  Most of the local software pre-installed with Desktop is replaced with browser-based versions.

Desktop Edition is our fully featured release, which has software such as LibreOffice and GIMP preinstalled.

We have decided to do something a little different with X in this release cycle.  X will still be a testing ground for experimental features, but it’s now aimed at people moving from Windows to Linux.  It looks a little more like Windows XP, and it comes with a lot of the same software as Desktop, but with additional software like WINE to help users with the transition.

Download Links

You can find the Alpha releases available for download at the following links:




As always, these are very rough versions of Simplicity Linux 16.04 and may not behave the way you expect them to. This being said, we’ve been using various versions on our production machine for the last couple of weeks without any problems.

Feel free to download any or all of them and play around with them.  And don’t forget to let us know what you think in a comment or if you find any bugs while you try them so we can get them patched before the final release.

Also, don’t forget you can stay up to date with the latest Simplicity Linux news by following us on Twitter or liking our Facebook page.

Simplicity Linux 15.7 available on Sourceforge

After having some issues with Sourceforge when we originally launched 15.7, we have finally uploaded the latest release to Sourceforge and have updated the links in the original post. But if you are really eager you can find them below:

Desktop Edition 15.7 32 Bit Version

Desktop Edition 15.7 64 Bit Version

Netbook Edition 15.7 32 Bit Version

Netbook Edition 15.7 64 Bit Version

X Edition 15.7

Simplicity Linux 15.7 now available for download!

We are very pleased to announce Simplicity Linux 15.7!

Our two main editions Netbook and Desktop are available for 32 or 64 bit processors.  The 32 bit version comes with the 4.0.4 kernel, and the 64 bit version comes with the 4.0.2 kernel.

Netbook Edition, our light-weight version of Simplicity Linux comes preinstalled with Google Chrome and focuses on cloud based applications rather than locally installing them to allow people with older computers to give them new life.

Desktop Edition is for users who want a fully featured distro; it contains more local applications such as Spotify, LibreOffice, and Thunderbird and it could easily become your everyday OS.

And if you are feeling a bit adventurous you might want to give our experimental version, X Edition a try, available only for 32 bit processors it comes with the 4.1.1 kernel and even though some features may not be complete, this is our testing ground and you will get to test awesome features that might make it to our main editions in the future.

All editions of Simplicity Linux are based on LXPup.

Download links to the images to the Simplicity Linux 15.7 release can be found below.
Due to Sourceforge’s current uploading issues, we have temporarily uploaded them to, but they will be transferred to Sourceforge as soon as the issues have been fixed.

Fixed it! You can now download all images of Simplicity Linux 15.7 from Sourceforge as usual. Sorry for the blip!

Desktop Edition 15.7 32 Bit Version

Desktop Edition 15.7 64 Bit Version

Netbook Edition 15.7 32 Bit Version

Netbook Edition 15.7 64 Bit Version

X Edition 15.7

Simplicity Linux 15.4 Alpha is now available

Simplicity Linux 15.4 Alpha is now available for download.  This release cycle marks the start of a new chapter for Simplicity: You can now get our releases in 32 or 64 bit versions.  The 32 bit version is based on the superb Puppex, and the 64 bit version is based on LXPup64, a distro we have admired for a long time.  At the moment there is no alpha release for the 64 bit Desktop Simplicity Linux because we’ve been having a few issues with it.  However, there will be a 64 bit Desktop edition for the beta releases.

It should also be noted that these alpha releases are very rough and ready.  Things will change between these releases and the beta releases.  Some features aren’t available in the 64 bit versions which are available in the 32 bit version.

As usual, Netbook is aimed more at cloud apps rather than local apps.  It’s designed for people who have an internet connection everywhere, but maybe don’t have the storage space to keep everything on the device.
32 Bit: 456mb (MD5: da265a18a4f4d311c8c7c53691e0bce6)
64 Bit: 383mb (MD5: 8da6487f93b7a153ea89b470ea66ea80)

Desktop is our heavy duty release which contains lots of local apps.  It is designed to be a more fully featured release than the lightweight Netbook edition, and as such features apps like Thunderbird, LibreOffice and Dropbox rather than web based applications.
32 Bit: 676mb (MD5: d240517a82744528ad02611d6e4bc235)

We hope you enjoy using it, and at the end of March we will release the beta version of Simplicity 15.4.

Simplicity Linux 14.4 is now available!

Simplicity Linux 14.4 is now available for download.  It is based on the excellent Slacko Puppy 5.6.5, and uses LXDE as a desktop environment.  There are three different versions this release cycle: Netbook, Desktop and X.

Netbook 14.4 is designed to be fast and light, for people who just want an OS, a browser, and not much else.  It comes with Chrome as the default browser (Firefox is available  in the package manager) and on the fully customisable dock you can also access mplayer for playing media files (VLC is available in the package manager).  It is 246.2mb and can be downloaded from here.

Desktop 14.4 is designed to be a more heavyweight Linux.  It also uses the LXDE desktop environment, and comes preinstalled with Dropbox, Chrome, Skype, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, and a more refined audio mixer.  All these applications are available from the dock, making access easy.  More applications are available via the application finder, and a large range of applications can be installed from the package manager.  It also includes a range of (in our opinion) beautiful wallpapers which can be found in the Wallpaper directory.  It is  562.8mb and can be downloaded from here.

X 14.4 is our experimental release.  It uses KDE, and comes with Chrome, LibreOffice, Skype, Dropbox, and several other applications.  X is not designed for day to day use, it is an experiment to see what can be done with Puppy Linux and if we can take things from this to use in our standard releases.  After careful consideration, we decided not to move X from it’s beta form, as whilst there are a few issues (shutdown, icon problems) we think X still performs well.  It is 672.4mb and can be downloaded from here.

We hope you enjoy using Simplicity Linux 14.4, and for the die hard, bleeding edge users, in a month or so, you can expect to see Simplicity 14.7 Alpha!

SImplicity LInux 14.4 Beta Now Available

The latest Beta release of Simplicity Linux 14.4 is now available for download.  Simplicity Linux 14.4 is based on Slacko by 01micko from the Puppy Linux community.

Simplicity Linux 14.4 uses LXDE as the Window Manager for Netbook and Desktop Editions, and uses KDE 4.10 as the Window Manager for Simplicity X 14.4.  As usual, Netbook is a heavily cut down Linux distro which gives access to a browser, e-mail, and a few local based applications.  Netbook is designed for those who want to browse, check their e-mails, and perhaps look at a few photos or watch downloaded movies on their machines, but little else.  Desktop is designed for a fuller experience, and as such includes Dropbox, LibreOffice, Skype, and more local applications.  X is our experimental release.  It is designed to see what else we can do with Linux, with the intention being that features we like will filter down into the stable releases.  X should generally work, but should be considered highly experimental, and highly unstable; it is not really designed for day to day use.

Simplicity Linux Netbook 14.4 Beta is available for download here: 246.4mb

Simplicity Linux Desktop 14.4 Beta is available for download here: 559.4mb

Simplicity Linux X 14.4 Beta is available for download here: 672.4mb


Simplicity Linux 14.1Netbook, Desktop and Media Editions Released

We’re proud to announce the release of Simplicity Linux 14.1 is now out.  It is based on Slacko Puppy 5.6 but replaces JWM with LXDE and has Firefox ESR 24.0 as the default browser with Cocoon proxy added.  If you are worried about your privacy, sign up for an account, otherwise it does nothing, and is completely optional.  It’s something we personally use, and have found really useful, so we thought we would bundle it.

Netbook 14.1 comes with Firefox ESR 24.0, Flash, and that is about it.  It is designed to be a quick booting distro that you can throw onto a USB key and use if you just want to use the Internet on a netbook device or laptop.  That is how we use it, and we think it could be useful for people who pretty much just browse.  It is 270.8mb and you can get it here.

Desktop 14.1 is our fullest featured release to date.  You get Skype, Libre Office, Java, Flash, Mplayer, Firefox 24.0 ESR, OnLive, Wine and other software preinstalled.  If you are after a full featured version of Simplicity Linux, this is the version you will want to download.  It weighs in at 538.2mb and is available to download here.

Media 14.1 is an edition for those who use x86 machines connected to TVs.  You get the latest release version of XBMC, with a lot of add-ons preinstalled.  Simplicity 14.1.  It boots straight into XBMC, so you don’t have to do a thing to start using the media features.  It weighs in at 530.4mb and is available for download here.

We hope you enjoy using Simplicity 14.1, and Simplicity 14.4 Alpha should be out around 25th February.

Simplicity Linux 14.1 Beta Now Available!

So, we have finally released Simplicity Linux 14.1 Beta!  You can download the Desktop version here (548.5mb) and the Netbook version here (244.8).  For those wanting MD5 sums, they are available on the Sourceforge page by clicking the i icon next to the files.  Media and X versions will follow very soon once we’ve finished tweaking them.

One of the big changes we have made this time around is that we have changed the default browser from Firefox to Chromium.  This is based on what we have observed from CPU usage.  Whilst Chromium may create a new instance per tab, we have noticed that Firefox uses far more CPU resources, which goes against what we are working towards – an efficient Linux distribution.

As per usual for Desktop, you get LibreOffice, Skype, Dropbox, OnLive (for all your gaming needs) and WINE.  We have also included Java, which does make the Desktop version a lot heavier than before, but we think that it’s worth the added size.

Another change we have made is not to include VLC or any other media player.  There are a few reasons for this.  Firstly, we think there is a shift in how people use media these days from files being stored on their computers to streaming.  With Spotify, Grooveshark, Pandora and Google Music all having web based access, we’re not sure there is any need for a seperate media player.  Also, if you want a media player, you can take your pick from the media players in the repositories.

Oh, and 14.1 has fixed the shutdown problems everyone encountered in 13.10!  We hope you enjoy using this beta release, which as always is offered for free but with no guarantees that it will work 100% or that it will work at all on your system.  Such is the nature of beta software.

Simplicity Nano 13 available now, a Linux for #Nanowrimo contestants!

So, as promised yesterday, Simplicity Nano 13 is now available for download here.  It is designed to help you win NaNoWriMo.  We’ve included links to the Write Or Die web app (stunning way to write), a link to the NaNoWriMo page (so you can update your word count), and LibreOffice so you can save your work.  It comes bundled with Firefox and very little else in the way of apps.  And that is the point.  It is designed to not distract you from writing.

If you’re taking part in NaNoWriMo or not, if you use or enjoy the version of this distro, rather than donating to us, we would like a donation on our official StayClassy page, which ensures all the money goes to NaNoWriMo.  We currently run this from a USB key, storing data on the key and backing it up on Google Docs.  It’s fast, stable and makes doing NaNoWriMo easier, because everything is right there.

We hope you enjoy this mini release!  And for those taking part in NaNoWriMo too, Good Luck!

100th post and musings after the #Oggcamp party

So, just had a lovely evening at the Oggcamp party, spending a couple of hours with Phillip Newborough, and his wife and stepdaughter.  Obviously I knew Phillip because of Crunchbang, but I’d never spoken to him.  Lovely guy and lovely family.  It’s one of the reasons I go to Oggcamp.  There are giants in the Open Source field there who you can approach and talk to.  Try doing that in the Closed Source world with folks from Apple or Microsoft.

But, when I got in I was looking over stats (I’m a geek, I like numbers and pretty, pretty graphs!), and saw that 50% of the downloads from the last 3 days have been Linux users.  That is a shift, because almost every release until now, the majority of downloaders have been Windows users.  I even wrote a post about it here at the beginning of the year.  This time however, 50% of the downloaders are Linux users.  So, that must mean a couple of things

1) People using other Linux distros are trying Simplicity and
2) People using Simplicity are staying with Simplicity

For those thinking I am getting big headed, you have me wrong.  I’ve never been in this for money or notoriety. I like Open Source.  I like Puppy.  I just think with a bit of polish, Puppy can look better and be more appealing.  The cartoony look and single click didn’t appeal to me.  But that is part of the Open Source ethos, if you don’t like something, make it the way you want it to be.   I’m just glad that I can call myself an Open Source developer and be a part of this incredible community.

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