Simplicity Linux 15.7 now available for download!

We are very pleased to announce Simplicity Linux 15.7!

Our two main editions Netbook and Desktop are available for 32 or 64 bit processors.  The 32 bit version comes with the 4.0.4 kernel, and the 64 bit version comes with the 4.0.2 kernel.

Netbook Edition, our light-weight version of Simplicity Linux comes preinstalled with Google Chrome and focuses on cloud based applications rather than locally installing them to allow people with older computers to give them new life.

Desktop Edition is for users who want a fully featured distro; it contains more local applications such as Spotify, LibreOffice, and Thunderbird and it could easily become your everyday OS.

And if you are feeling a bit adventurous you might want to give our experimental version, X Edition a try, available only for 32 bit processors it comes with the 4.1.1 kernel and even though some features may not be complete, this is our testing ground and you will get to test awesome features that might make it to our main editions in the future.

All editions of Simplicity Linux are based on LXPup.

Download links to the images to the Simplicity Linux 15.7 release can be found below.
Due to Sourceforge’s current uploading issues, we have temporarily uploaded them to, but they will be transferred to Sourceforge as soon as the issues have been fixed.

Fixed it! You can now download all images of Simplicity Linux 15.7 from Sourceforge as usual. Sorry for the blip!

Desktop Edition 15.7 32 Bit Version

Desktop Edition 15.7 64 Bit Version

Netbook Edition 15.7 32 Bit Version

Netbook Edition 15.7 64 Bit Version

X Edition 15.7

SImplicity LInux 14.4 Beta Now Available

The latest Beta release of Simplicity Linux 14.4 is now available for download.  Simplicity Linux 14.4 is based on Slacko by 01micko from the Puppy Linux community.

Simplicity Linux 14.4 uses LXDE as the Window Manager for Netbook and Desktop Editions, and uses KDE 4.10 as the Window Manager for Simplicity X 14.4.  As usual, Netbook is a heavily cut down Linux distro which gives access to a browser, e-mail, and a few local based applications.  Netbook is designed for those who want to browse, check their e-mails, and perhaps look at a few photos or watch downloaded movies on their machines, but little else.  Desktop is designed for a fuller experience, and as such includes Dropbox, LibreOffice, Skype, and more local applications.  X is our experimental release.  It is designed to see what else we can do with Linux, with the intention being that features we like will filter down into the stable releases.  X should generally work, but should be considered highly experimental, and highly unstable; it is not really designed for day to day use.

Simplicity Linux Netbook 14.4 Beta is available for download here: 246.4mb

Simplicity Linux Desktop 14.4 Beta is available for download here: 559.4mb

Simplicity Linux X 14.4 Beta is available for download here: 672.4mb


We are at #Oggcamp

Being massive fans of the open source community, we are at Oggcamp!  We arrived yesterday a bit soggy in Liverpool and decamped to our apartment about 15 minutes walk from the event before heading off to explore Liverpool and then go party with a lot of geeks at the launch party.

So, if you’re at Oggcamp and you want to say hi, come find us.  We’ll be the ones walking around in the Simplicity Linux t-shirts and hoodies.  You can come talk to us and although we can’t promise to be able to fix any problems you may have with Simplicity, we can give it a try!

Plus we have a netbook running a very, very rough version of Simplicity Linux 14.1 if you want to see how all that is taking shape!  And if you’re at the Oggcamp party tonight, we’d love to chat with you about anything!  We’re quite friendly and we don’t bite, so come over and say hi!

Simplicity Linux 13.10: The journey starts here

So, we released Simplicity Linux 13.7 yesterday, which means today the work on Simplicity 13.10 starts in earnest.  We’ve made rough base image using Slacko 5.5.71 and LXPup by SFS.  We also tweaked the UI fonts and look quite a lot, replaced Firefox 17 ESR with Firefox Aurora 24 and made a few changes to Firefox’s UI too.  Nothing too major or drastic, but enough to make it now look less like a Fisher Price Linux and something more professional.


There is still a lot of work to do on it to make it the Linux distro we want it to be.  But this is a start.  And for those wondering, no, the base image won’t be released.  However, you’ve got just over a month to wait until we release the Alpha.

Simplicity Linux release date brought forward!

There’s a shocking headline to see from a distro :p  Because of work commitments and the real world being dull and boring, we’re bringing the release date of Simplicity Linux forward to 25th July.  So, you only have to wait 12 short days and the new release versions of Simplicity Obsidian, Desktop and Media will be out.  We have quite a few kinks to work out in Media, but we’re pretty much there with Obsidian and Desktop.  We’re resting Netbook this release because we think it’s very similar to Obsidian, and once you’re using Obsidian, you can put all your favourite cloud based apps in speed dial in Firefox.  Or Chrome if you want to use Chrome!

We are really looking forward to delivering something amazing to you, we hope you all enjoy it as much as the recent buzz around Simplicity suggests you all are!

A few nice little statistics to see when we’re finishing off Simplicity 13.7. Thank you to everyone who supports us!

So, we’ve picked up a LOT of interest from people since we got listed in Distrowatch.  We always knew Distrowatch was important, but what has been happening to our traffic lately has been nothing short of phenomenal.  These are our download stats from 7th July 2012 to 7th July 2013:

oneyearBut then there are just this week’s Sourceforge statistics:

And our Distrowatch ranking for this week: (we were stunned at this one!)


Thank you to everyone who supports us.  These stats are what drive us to do what we do.  When we see people using and enjoying Simplicity Linux, it pushes us to work harder, do more, and make a better distro.  We hope that is what we are doing.  And if you don’t think we are, tell us!  We love user feedback too!

So, to all 5,213 people who have downloaded Simplicity Linux this week, and for all 18,178 people who have downloaded Simplicity Linux this year, and for all the people who have supported us since we began in late 2008 / early 2009, a massive, huge, gargantuan thank you!

Review of Simplicity Linux Desktop 13.7 Alpha

Once again, our good friend Sneeky Linux has reviewed Simplicity.  He makes a very good point about a bug we didn’t realise we had (the installing bug) and we’re going to work on fixing that before the Beta release in a few weeks time.

So, here is the review, enjoy, because, well, Sneeky is an awesome reviewer!  What more do you need?

We don’t spy on you

In the light of Microsoft and Google (possibly) and Apple being busted for spying on users, I just thought it was important to say that Simplicity Linux doesn’t, hasn’t and never will spy on you.

Actually, from 13.7 onwards, we’re going to include a firewall, to protect you further.  Of course, if you don’t want it, just delete /etc/rc.d/firewall.rc, reboot and it will be gone.  It’s that simple.

But back to software companies spying on users; we are 100% against it, we are 100% against the Communication Data Bill and we are full for an open and free Internet.  And if you’re worried about companies spying on you, you could always try Simplicity Linux.  We’re not saying it will stop it completely, but you could always install Tor Browser (just open the start file and delete the if to fi sections relating to root to get it to work) which would make snoopers work harder…

This is just our 2 cents, and we thought you might like to know that we’re not interested in what you do online.  That’s your business.  Our business is to make you a decent OS that you can use with confidence.  We’re planning on keeping it that way.

Simplicity Linux 13.7 Alpha images available today!

As I type this, the Alpha images for Simplicity Linux 13.7 are being uploaded to SourceForge.  At the moment, it’s a staged tree, so it’s not publicly accessible.  But once all the ISO images are uploaded, you will be able to get your hands on them.

For those new to Simplicity Linux, here is a handy introduction –

Obsidian is our heavily cut down edition.  If you want networking and a browser only, Obsidian is a great choice.  If you want more software, you can add it using the package manager, but from the start, you just get a browser and a way to connect to the Internet.

If you want something light, but with a few bells and whistles, Netbook is the place to be.  You get web apps preloaded on the dock.  There isn’t much in the way of local apps, but this is designed for use if you’re online most of the time.

If you need a fast yet full featured Linux, this is where Simplicity Desktop fits in.  You get a whole load of great, locally installed applications.  This is what we use on our desktops personally from a USB key.  We have LibreOffice, Skype, Clementine, VLC, and a whole bunch of other apps.

Planning on using Simplicity to power a lounge or bedroom computer?  Media can help you do that.  It comes with XBMC as an interface, so there is no playing around with tiny pointers and huge icons.  This was designed to be used from a distance.  We’ve also played with XBMC a little and given you a whole load of pre-installed software to find media if you don’t have any on your machine just yet.  Plus, you can get back to XFCE and switch back to XBMC whenever you want very easily.

We’ve made the Distrowatch listings!

Lately, we’ve been getting a ton of traffic to the site, and we had no idea why.  I mean, we’ve always been a pretty small distro.  The other weird thing was our downloads went from a couple of hundred a week to a couple of thousand a week.  And we had no idea why until I googled Simplicity Linux yesterday and saw on the front page that we had finally made Distrowatch!

So, after four years, we have finally made the Distrowatch listings!  We knew it was going to take a while, we just didn’t think it was going to take this long.  Actually, we had pretty much given up on ever getting on the listings.  But now we’ve made it.  And we want to thank everyone who has helped us in the last four years.  There are plenty of them, but especially SneekyLinux for getting our name out there on YouTube and other places and all the people who have downloaded and tried Simplicity.

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again – you guys make this happen.  There have been a ton of times we’ve thought about quitting, but it’s things like this, and comments from people saying they’ve tried it that makes us want to keep going.

And Alphas should be out tomorrow!