About The Team

About The Simplicity Linux Team
We like to think that we’re somewhat a unique team.  Everyone has a vital role to play.

David Purse – Lead Developer
I started out using Ubuntu on a USB key, then moved onto Puppy Linux and I’ve kind of been with it ever since.  I flirted with Linux Mint but eventually went back to Puppy, and since 2009 I’ve been working on Simplicity Linux.  I run it on my laptop, on my netbook, and I’m working on a version for the Raspberry Pi.  I use whichever version I am working on at the present time as my desktop version, always booting from USB and storing files on the laptop hard disk.  

Ale Quiroz – Art and Marketing
Ale is my wife and worked in marketing in her native Honduras.  She helps us with our marketing, and she designs the logos for our merchandise and approves the layouts of the UI when it comes to Subdivision.  In the past she has taken business cards for Simplicity Linux to events and placed them in prominent locations, and has explained to people in Honduras why they should be using Simplicity Linux.

Mike Jenner – UI Design
Mike is our most unique member of the team.  He doesn’t own a computer, he doesn’t have the internet and uses an old Nokia mobile phone.  But that makes the best for helping us design the Simplicity UI.  Because it’s aimed at being easy to understand, so every release cycle, we put a netbook with Simplicity in front of him, and if he gets it, so should anyone!

57 Responses to “About The Team”

  1. Andrew says:

    David Purse, let us all know when you have a working version for Raspberry please!!! Thanks

  2. Lizzy M. says:

    Your linux look exactly like Lxpup 13.01 from http://lxpup.weebly.com/. Did you guys just copy that one?

    • simplicity says:

      No, we didn’t copy them, we based Simplicity on LXPup and tweaked a few things. Our desktop Edition contains a lot of software not included as default with LXPup. We have mentioned quite a lot on this site that Simplicity is based on LXPup.

    • Kal0mahl says:

      @Lizzy M, your lxpup linux core looks exactly same as puppy linux http://puppylinux.org/ which is one of my friends. Did you just copy ??

  3. john says:

    how about a forum? also, how deep is the development here? I’m hoping that this isn’t just another re-skinned distro. like it, always had a weakness for Slackware and Puppy 🙂

    • simplicity says:

      We take something, like this release we are using upup, and take out the bits we don’t like and add others we do. However we are looking at building custom images from scratch from for simplicity 14.1

  4. ed says:

    Hey guys I was just wondering how do you add a searchbar to simplicity? Linux is supposed to be customizable but I havent found any hints on search features. I’ve been with linux going on 2 years and I want to customize Simplicity to my liking. Besides Zorin and certain features I like Simplicuty the most but can’t fully commit until I tweak it.

    Btw could you update on what happened on the laptops?

  5. Your user interface is so easy to use. I gave it to my 87 year old grandma and she even knew how to put it into command line! Thank you so much for the way you use it and keep up the good work!

  6. petar says:

    why simlicity, after several minuts froze and nothing to do, only reset all pc.?

  7. pve says:

    Cai use it as live cd?

  8. MSXManiac says:

    My suggestion is change openbox as wm of LXDE in favour of a customized version of fvwm. it’s more lighter and faster. I have tried and runs smoothly but I don’t have the habilities to customise them.

  9. Joël says:


    In my view, the best SimplicityOS is still 13.4, for its elegance, practicality, and lot of packages in various categories. Lately, i found Virtualbox in the package manager and installed it in 13.4. Wow! i was able to install the soon-to-be-phased-out WindowsXP, for the kind of apps Wine cannot deal with. It’s just for occasional use, but it’s nice to have it there, like any other apps. With Virtualbox installed, you boost the performance of SimplicityOS by having the opportunity to try and use some operating systems, like any other apps. Instead of having to dual-boot. Nice add-on. Simplicity 13.7, in terms of practicality, was not a success, the package manager being unusable, and with 13.10, i got the impression it was an unfinished product, and lost interest right away, with the shutdown script not implemented. Such a basic feature not there was a telling point that stable version 13.10 was out and available too soon. What’s the hurrry? I hope next version will come equipped with all that made 13.4 a success, with something more to justify the switch. I like it very much and would consider switching to the next version, if its features are comparable, and is offering more security on the web. By the way, i think Firefox is the best for its add-ons. For security on the web, there are WOT, Do not track me, Mask me, No script, flash block, Anonymox, Hide my ass, Ad Block Plus, Duck Duck Go, IXQuick, a good Download Helper for You Tube, a good download manager with Downthemall, Flashgot with Uget. None of these are available, to my knowlwedge, with other Web surfers.

    • simplicity says:

      Thank you for the comments, it is these kind of comments that we really appriciate because it lets us know in a constructive way what you, the users want, and where we have gone wrong.

  10. i’ve tried this distro – i loved it!
    BTW can i E17 desktop instaed of the default one (ldxe) ?

    • simplicity says:

      I would assume so. We’ve looked at E17 but it isn’t a desktop environment that appealed. If you find a dotpet or SFS you could try it.

  11. Mööse says:

    With the Media edition, is it still possible to log into LXDE so I can perform tasks like browse the web, set up a printer server etc?

    • simplicity says:

      Yup, if you want to drop back into LXDE, you just need to use the basic alt-F4 method of closing the application. Hope that helps, and thank you for commenting.

  12. Arnie says:

    Hi there. Nice work.

    Did a install and update OnLive. Onlive ends with a error message.

    Anyone else having this? Its a HP Pavilion that has the graphic drivers installed.

    Other that gets the same?

    Anything I can do?


    • simplicity says:

      Thanks for the heads up. Onlive worked during testing, but maybe they changed something which made something break. Again, thank you for the comment.

  13. Arnie says:

    Its says its a update problem and i need to visit their website…

  14. TekBoi says:

    I’ve tried downloading and installing MacPuppy with no success. I was able to download, mount, and boot Simplicity 13.10 for Desktop but I was not able to use the shutdown function. It does not work. I’m currently downloading Simplicity 14.1 for Netbook and hope to have more success. If this does not work, I might have to give up.

  15. Brett C says:

    How can one help with your Linux Distro? I would love to give this website a new makeover, but talks would need to be in play.

  16. Gary Newell says:

    Just thought I’d let you know that I have written a review for 14.1 on my blog at http://www.everydaylinuxuser.com/2014/03/simplicity-linux-141-fresh-take-on.html

  17. Daz Hale says:

    Hi guys,

    tried out Obsidian Stable it is very nice. Enjoyed the experience – thanks.

  18. NerdBoy1990 says:

    Hi, I’m new to puppy linux/simplicity. I love the whole design of it, especially the space background. My only question is how do I autohide the dock? I looked in preferences, but didn’t find an option to do so.

  19. DAVID MOLE says:

    Years of experience with GNU /\ Linux (“Mint” XFCE, “Ubuntu”, “PCLINUXOS”, “AntiX MX14” and the ubiquitous “Puppy”); I seek easy configuration aids, retrieve extra software service after quick start (“AntiX” meta-packages).

    Freedom is precious, and open source remains important; but, “Skype” out-of-the-box is a necessity because some Debian versions are broken.

    “Adobe FLASH” support is continuing via proprietary “GOOGLE Chrome”, but not the open source version, “Chromium”; and it saves my bookmarks in the “CLOUD”.

    CLIENT “Java” with “Keepvid” is something I do to archive various video formats, despite the rogue “Windows.exe” invitations! “GOOGLE TALK /\ Hangout” is now easy by one step from within the “Chrome” browser.

    VIRTUAL “KVM” is my next project, and put “MS Windows 7” inside the box. Lightweight guest distribution to partner with the security distribution “Whonix”, and “Porteus” is a candidate.

  20. Just tried the new SL version 14.4 (desktop). Excellent.

    Want to install it on both a hard drive and a usb-stick. Could use something like unetbootin … but would one of the puppy-linux scripts work better??


    • simplicity says:

      We personally use unetbootin because it’s an excellent tool which works 99% of the time for us, and on the rare occasion it does fail, repeating the process normally fixes it. We’ve had hit and miss results with puppy’s install scripts. Thank you for commenting.

  21. Jeffrey Needle says:

    I’m extremely frustrated! Just downloaded the latest Simplicity, and I can’t find ANY application that lets me install to the hard disk. Can someone PLEASE help me? I want to install to a Dell Dimension 3000. Thanks.

  22. Rodney Byne says:

    I have just downloaded the latest 2014 release of Simplicity Obsidian and it was immediately obvious that Tor Browser 3.6.2 needed to be updated to 3.6.3 because the “congratulations” web page said so.
    After following the Tor onscreen instruction to click the Onion symbol,
    the new downloaded tar file was dumped in /temp.
    Could anyone please advise me in explicit simple steps what to do
    to transfer the then extracted file contents as labelled Tor-Browser
    in /temp, to the correct location to be properly launched.
    The earlier version was found in My Applications, so attempted
    a copy/paste approach to overwrite the old files with new files.
    I tried without success to make the new version fire up from the Start icon and couldn’t make any further progress as I’m not a compiler
    by inclination and got totally stuck.
    The bigger problem here though, is that based on past update events, Tor is going to need updating with monotonous regularity.
    So as I see things, it would be useful for the compilers to build into Simplicity a more practical and less frustrating Tor updating system for the general public to follow.
    Thanks in advance.

  23. SM says:

    Is the 14.10 desktop version iso not ready yet? Was it announced prematurely that it was complete and then bugs were found that had to be fixed? I just can’t understand why the download issue has not been corrected now going on 3 days? I see only 294 downloads were ever completed and that must have been in the first hours of availability. I am looking forward to giving it a try but if is not going to be ready anytime soon please post on your site the reasons and give an approximate time frame when or if it may be available. Thanks for all your work

    • simplicity says:

      There are alternative links available. We’re not sure what the problem is, but it does seem to be intermittent. At the moment we are working on a more permanent solution to this.

  24. Danny W. Burdick says:

    The Simplicity DesktopFinal1410.iso file could not be found or is not available

    Sourceforge ??

    • simplicity says:

      We are working on it as I write this. Not sure what the problem is at the moment, but we do know it exists – hence the alternative links.

  25. habib says:

    Hi – is there any localized language instead of english for simplicitylinux?

  26. John says:

    Looking forward to giving X a try. I’m personally happy you released a 64 bit spin with KDE! Keep up the good work.

  27. INDIAN says:

    Add support for dial-up internet connection along with Wi-Fi. Most of the distros lack support for dial-up internet connection, if you can add this to Simplicity this distro is sure to be very popular. Also make sure that any distro you produce has Libre Office or GOffice and distro should not exceed 700 mb i.e. the capacity of a compact disc.

    • simplicity says:

      We always aim to keep Desktop at under 700mb, but as time goes on this does get harder as programs tend to get bigger. But thank you for the feedback.

      • Ace says:

        I am also a big believer in CD being the biggest that a truly lite distro should ever get.
        That is what separates the truly lite and backward compatible distros from the wannabes.

  28. INDIAN says:

    Is Simplicity distro upgradeable to latest updates by- sudo apt-get update followed by- sudo apt-get upgrade ?

    • simplicity says:

      No, if you want the latest updates, you need to go to the package manager, click on configure and click update. Hope this helps.

  29. rroossaaddoo says:

    Chromebook Chroot version: Please make Simplicity available through Crouton so that I can install the Netbook version inside a window. I’ll use it instead of Ubuntu.

    • simplicity says:

      I had no idea about Crouton, but I’ll certainly look into it as I think Netbook Edition on a Chromebook would be a perfect match. Thanks for letting us know about this!

  30. I’ve noted that the only forum available for help with Simplicity Linux is at Sourceforge. I’ve had a hard time getting answers to some questions there. Is anyone monitoring those discussions? If not, is there another place I can post questions? Thanks.

  31. RC says:

    Hmm, quite agree with earlier questions regarding the need for a forum which seems to be a fundamental necessity these days for each distro community.
    I may be tempted in trying the netbook edition but, it would have to meet/ exceed peppermint 5/6 linux based on the same linux framework (LXDE)
    Does the netbook/desktop distro support Qualcomm Atheros 5007 Wifi 802.11 b/g (out the box)?

  32. A Puppy player says:

    Mike Jenner – UI Design
    Mike is our most unique member of the team. He doesn’t own a computer, he doesn’t have the internet and uses an old Nokia mobile phone. But that makes the best for helping us design the Simplicity UI. Because it’s aimed at being easy to understand, so every release cycle, we put a netbook with Simplicity in front of him, and if he gets it, so should anyone!

    Sure, he is the most important because we are tired to be stolen of our (Puppy), like children on Christmas whose parents play with the electric train, and unmount it to see how it’s built inside… After testing, Does Mike can keep on playing with the computer or not ?

    • simplicity says:

      No, he doesn’t keep playing with the computer. He’s not really interested in computers or the Internet. Hope that helps a bit!

  33. A Puppy player says:

    Hum, everything is working well, at home… Simplicity looks familiar to me, i shall discover by using it. It’s really a Puppy ! More than some Puppies.

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