About our releases

People sometimes ask about our releases and what is different about each version.  We also get questions about our version system.  We use the Ubuntu version system of year and month because we think it makes sense when you look back in the past.

When it comes to the versions, it’s a bit more complicated.  We make different versions for different use cases.

Obsidian is our extremely cut down version.  You get a browser, a network manager and the desktop.  That is about it except for a few tools to help you set up the system.

Netbook comes with a bit more software than Obsidian, but not much.  Most things are cloud based, which is great if you’re using a netbook on the move.  It’s also really small because you probably don’t want to wait ages for things to load on a netbook!

With desktop, you get a lot of things like VLC, Skype, LibreOffice.  It’s a full blown distro.  If you want something more fully featured, this is the version you want to download.

If you have a lounge or bedroom PC, this is the version for you.  It gets rid of the normal desktop in favour of XBMC.  But combined with the speed and stability of Simplicity.

X is our experimental release.  We don’t promise anything from it.  In the 13.7 release it was just 139mb, including LXDE and PCManFM and without Flash or even a browser, but that doesn’t mean future releases will be tiny.  X is effectively our testing ground for ideas we think would be cool to have in a Linux distro, but are maybe a little too out there for our main releases.  We currently use a host that pays us for every 1000 downloads, to generate revenue for Simplicity Linux, but as with the ethos of Simplicity X, it doesn’t mean we will continue to do this.

125 Responses to “About our releases”

  1. Andrew says:

    I got Simplicity Linux Desktop 13.10 beta to start up the desktop just fine as a live system but I can not find anything to click on to install it to my hard drive. Most linux distros have an install icon on the desktop to begin the install to a hard drive.

  2. Brian Carter says:

    The live version of Desktop 13.7 is very impressive – turned my Dell Inspiron into a fast very very useable machine. BUT – no install facility ??? I note Andrews comment and it looks as though it was left out on 13.7.

  3. Alex says:

    Hello, I am looking for a distribution that has a graphical environment light, beautiful, however, that use the most up to date versions of programs possible, the FEDORA LINUX for example is always the latest version rescente kernel, which is why I like to use him, because the version I use, already have the 3.11 kernel installed, however I want to test this new distro, interesting thought. I’m downloading and I use it and I’m sure I’ll like.

  4. Dan says:

    Hi. I’m looking forward to trying your distro. I downloaded the current stable release of version 13.10 and loaded it to a usb drive using both Unetbootin and Universal USB Installer. With either one, when I try to boot I get the following error message:
    “Searching for Puppy files…. puppy_raring_3.9.9.1.sfs not found. Dropping out to initial-ramdisk console…”

  5. wetterauer says:

    How shut-down for SIMPL-Desktop ?


    • simplicity says:

      Shutdown problems are a known bug in Simplicity 13.10, we have resolved them in 14.1, the alpha will be out on 25th November.

  6. penguin says:

    this distro sounds good, but you should really add a media section to your Website with screenshots an Videos etc. because many People (like me) first want to see the distro before installing it

  7. IceTigV says:

    Hey guys! I am enjoying your distro, but it keeps asking for login and password. I scoured the pages, but I couldn’t find them.

  8. Avi says:

    What about obsidian?

    • simplicity says:

      We’re probably going to revive Obsidian for the 14.7 release cycle. It’s a case of trying to make it different enough from Netbook to be worthwhile, which we think we’ve got a better idea on what to do.

  9. riccardo says:

    Re. ver 14.1 … it looks great! Very impressed! One thing- my Huawei 3g modem is recognised during booting … but I cannot find the tool to allow dialup/configuration? So my experiments have come to a stop. What tool is there for this task please?

    (Canberra AUSTRALIA)

    • simplicity says:

      Hi! Thanks for the comment. We don’t use 3G, but I am guessing if you open a terminal and type sns into it, that should open the simple network tool might be able to let you connect using 3G. Hope this helps.

  10. adresa says:

    Hi, I just installed latest version 14.1 and I love it! Looks really nice and seems better than 13.10

    Still I gor a small problem, pdfshuffler 0.5.0 which I used on 13.10 won’t run n this 14.1 Error message for not loading module poppler, though I checked and it’s installed. Any ideea? Cannot work without pdfshiffler..


    • simplicity says:

      I don’t use this particular software but perhaps the Poppler module in the repos is older than the software needs. Simplicity is able to install .deb files. Maybe you could hunt down a newer version of poppler and try that.

  11. Alveox says:

    Hi, im very interested on trying your linux distro. that many releases is so great, so one can download it based on their need.. but even you have already explain the difference between those releases, i think its better you build some page that explain each release, complete with feature, installed application, and screenshot. its because not all people got so many time to try each release.
    Btw, im searching some very light distros for browsing and streaming on my working laptop running i3 proc with 2gb ram, which one should i try? obsidian or netbook..

    • simplicity says:

      I plan on doing a lot more updating to the site over the next few days. I realise that it has fallen into disorder, and I am going to fix that! Thank you for the comment.

  12. Daz says:

    Hi Guys,

    I look forward to trying Simplicity. Will try Obsidian versionn.

    Nice to something Puppy based in a positive environment and going some where as Puppy development seems to have died. Also I’m sick of the negative environment at their forums, so look forward to your distro and supporting it.

  13. Merzouk says:

    Really great this very light disrto, just 10 minutes past on it & I think it suits me. Thank u for the simple music player, Skype & flash plugin. I’ll try to connect with dsl & share this connection, hope I’ll not be disappointed like all other distros(connection sharing problem) & test the transfer speed to pendrives then I let u know. thanks again. too bad that I can’t make a donate from where I’m.

    • simplicity says:

      Hope you can do what you want to do with Simplicity. Thank you for the comment, and don’t worry about not being able to donate – we’re not in this for money, great comments like this mean far more.

  14. kem60192 says:

    I am using the Netbook 14.1 installation, and I am pretty happy so far. There are a couple of packages I would like to compile from scratch, but the required files normally found under /usr/include, e.g. /usr/include/stdio.h, seems to be missing. How can I get them?


    • simplicity says:

      If you look for the slacko 5.6 devx package, that should help you with development. Hope that helps, and thank you for the comments and support!

  15. Curious says:

    I cannot seem to find Obsidian on your site. Are you still developing it?

    • simplicity says:

      Obsidian isn’t under active development at the moment. The problem we have is that Netbook and Obsidian are really similar. But we’re thinking of working on Obsidian again for the 14.7 release cycle and making it an extremely stripped down version of Simplicity. Hope that helps and thanks for the comment!

  16. Gustavo says:

    I downloaded the netbook version, very light and fast. But now I want to share my wi-fi internet over eth0, Cant find the option to do this like others linux distributions (ubuntu based) on network-manager, any help for this? Thanks

  17. gfo says:

    Hello,I like your distro but I’m not able to connect to the network .After i config the the intel network card 1000 pro it tells I am connected ok to the router but no data rx nor tx goes through ,have no trouble with other distros.Computer is ibm 8215 m52.
    Thanks gf

  18. Ruud says:

    nice. realy working nice. so i want it. but now…. how on earth do i get that netbook editon on my harddrive……. I dont want to boot it from a cd-rom. in fact… my netbook does not have a cd-rom ! But there is not a setup option, at least none i can find….. what am i missing ?

  19. Rupert says:

    I’m with Ruud. I’m using Simplicity Linux 14.4 and it makes my old Dell Latitude D610 work really well and fast. But how can I install it to hard drive?

  20. stak says:

    Re: Installing OS to drive (netbook or otherwise).
    /usr/sbin/puppyinstaller It’s just the GUI that’s missing.

  21. Joe says:

    the last version does not work with ibm network card intel pro 1000 it says is connected but the web browser says is not connected (driver problem ?)Also with previous version I was able to use wireless but not with the last version.Thanks for your effort but does not work for my ibm m52 computer.

  22. Tom says:

    hard to take this serioiusly with NO SUPPORT whatsoever.

  23. Tom says:

    I DO like it tho. Just not the wbar. Which I had to GUESS how to remove after uninstalling it did not work. And taking it out of Start up did not work.

  24. Joel Labbe says:


    I would like to tell you i still use your lina-lite based system, i feel it is complete with all i need in terms of usability and operability, and the package manager is full of useful apps, well suited for most of us, users, updated regularly. The dependency management is well done. From my experience with it, i wouldn’t change it for another one. It is a perfect match for my Toshiba laptop as a frugal install, and i use it on a friend’s P4 computer as well, with CD and savefile on a lunix file system, apart from a NTFS partitioning. Networking is easy. Less than 1g of Ram is more than enough for surfing the web.
    Finally, I have one question that is unrelated with the subject : do you plan to use something else than Adobe flash player in the years to come? I see some developments for an alternative to Adobe flash player, such as Lightspark, Pepper flash player and others. It seems that the time has come to replace Adobe flash player with some leaner, more friendly, open source projects.
    Thanks for all that good work coming from SimplicityOS team.

    • simplicity says:

      We’ve actually been playing with Gnash in our unreleased X prototype and we’re somewhat impressed with it. We like Pepper too, but Chrome was causing odd problems so we went back to Firefox. As for Lightspark, I haven’t tried that yet, but I do plan to get around to looking at it.

  25. TheWindowsGuy says:

    Is Simplicity Linux 32-Bit?

  26. Oscar Villa says:

    I have an old Toshiba laptop (purchased 2005) running on Windows XP that I would like to keep using. I’ve been looking into Linux (though a bit scared, but still hopeful) because even Openoffice or Google Chrome causes my machine to crawl almost to a halt. Which of your releases do you guys recommend I try to install?

    • simplicity says:

      Netbook is probably best for you. It uses web based apps. Hope that helps you out. Also Obsidian Edition is perfect for this and will be out at the end of the month.

    • simplicity says:

      Netbook is probably a good choice. It features a web browser and a few apps so you can still browse, but we find it runs somewhat decently on our ancient Dell Mini 9! Hope that helps you out.

  27. camyl says:

    I installed Simplicity Linux 14.1 on USB for my laptop(Acer) and it’s working fine. But unable to get a video running from a web site. I get a message to install the last version of flash player. I did so and install But after reboot i still get the same error. Any hint?

  28. camyl says:

    Soory my email adress was incorect

  29. camyl says:

    unable to run video streaming with the last version of flash player( on simplicity 14.1. I get a message to install the latest version wich i did. Any Hint?

  30. dave says:

    I liked the distro, but I burned the ISO to a disc. Booted no problem, set up the wireless (some issues finding it) no problems. Then went to install and all I saw was “save to disc” so I did that (the machine currently has LXLE on it and I wanted to see if Simplicity would be faster). I removed the disc and rebooted and it went right to LXLE no Simplicity. If I put the ISO disc back in it will boot from that and seems to keep the settings. But the comment above is correct there is no way I see to install it. One other thought the browser icon is a globe instead of Firefox why?? And why two bars one at the top and a docky at the bottom? Couldn’t you just have the dock at the bottom?

    • simplicity says:

      If you look for Universal Puppy Installer or if you type puppyinstaller into the terminal, it will bring up an installer for you. Hope that helps!

  31. Joel Labbe says:

    I like SimplicityOS based on Lina-Lite, and use it everyday. Now, a friend is trusting me to convert a slow P3 with Windows XP into a linux computer. I have to look to light distros to have a fast and responsive computer, which would offer a host of applications already installed, because he doesn’t have internet connexion, nor does he plan to have one, because of budget restrictions. So i thought why not install SimplicityOS Desktop. Is it fit for Pentium3?

  32. Joel Labbe says:

    Good work.
    Are you aware of DNSCrypt, from OpenDNS? Together with Tor, DNSCrypt would enhance security and anonymity. From what i read about it, it is as important as HTTPS, for a secure web-browsing experience. The security community can have access to the source code, since it is open-source. An app is already compiled for Windows, but a developer could integrate DNSCrypt into a Linux operating system.
    Since SimplicityOS is one of the few OS to take security and anonymity seriously, to the point of integrating Tor to the base ISO, it is not far-fetch to think it could be added to a future version.

    • simplicity says:

      I am not aware of DNSCrypt, but it sounds really interesting. I will look into it, because whilst we’re not security experts, we like to at least try and protect our users from the current culture of snooping.

  33. Mika says:

    I contact you because I found two problems (perhaps theses problems are only on my computer) – Skype (not working in 14.7) and I couldn’t setup LanguageTools (a LibreOffice’s extension). So, is it possible for you to check theses two problems. However, congratulation for your work, and good luck for the next release.

  34. Piriponzolo says:

    Hi! Simplicity Linux is very interesting! Please, what are the system requirements of Subsidion, Desktop and Media versions? Thank you. Regards.

    • simplicity says:

      We’ve run Desktop on a 2.2ghz dual core Intel Celeron with 1gb RAM. It’s not particularly fast, but it’s usable. Hope that helps a little.

  35. nutwara says:

    Hi! Simplicity Linux can you tell me about set login of os.

  36. Joel Labbe says:

    There is some news i would like to share with you. It is about a new email client called Tutanota, from Germany. It is special because encryption is implemented in such an easy way, everybody can enjoy encrypted emails from now on. You may know that Germany makes it illegal to keep personal data. Germany recognizes the need for privacy.
    I tell you this because you care about privacy.
    Something else : what about implementing OpenVPN pre-charged in the live version? OpenVPN works nice combined with VPNBook, all for free, except for the occasional donation. As well, you could consider implementing DNSCrypt.
    Together with Tor, it would make Simplicity a light OS that cares about privacy.
    Moreover : please have a look at Dooble and CyberDragon, both are privacy-oriented browsers. Hacker10.com has well documented reviews about them.
    They could be offered as a replacement to Firefox for those who care about privacy.
    All of the above are good news in our privacy-challenged generation.

    • simplicity says:

      I really like these ideas. We did look at DNSCrypt, but ultimately didn’t get far with it. Security is important to us, and we may do things with your suggestions in the future. Keep an eye out…

  37. Dan says:

    Would consider making a version using the MATE desktop?

    • simplicity says:

      Funny you should mention it, we were playing with MATE today! It’s something we’re looking at and have been thinking about for a while.

  38. Joel Labbe says:

    Thanks for providing such a good OS. It is a very good alternative to such a big OS as Ubuntu. Small is better.

    I wish you well.

    You could reduce your workload by waiting a few months before making a new version, and keep monitoring what’s new in Linux. It is better to keep going over a long time, doing what you like, and not get discouraged by being overloaded with work.

    • simplicity says:

      Thank you for the comments! We do keep watch on what happens in Linux, and try to adjust accordingly. The reason for the 3 month release windows is that we can keep moving forward with new cool stuff to try out, and having a month off sick aside, I don’t feel too overloaded. There were other factors involved in my falling out of love with working on a distro.

  39. Joe says:

    Hello , have you fixed the intel drivers trouble (intel pro 1000) ?

  40. Juan says:

    Hi, I’d like to install vmware player 7 (I am running Desktop 14.1). How should I proceed?

    Thank you,

    • simplicity says:

      VMWare player 7 won’t run on Simplicity 14.1 because it’s not a 64-bit OS, and that particular application requires 64-bit. However, we’re working on 64 bit versions of Simplicity so VMWare Player would work on this.

  41. Emil says:

    I was searching for a small and light linux distro and after testing several (Lubuntu, Porteus) I finally can say Simplicity PL was exactly what I was looking for. Small, simple but packed with the most important applications for me, Skype, Firefox, VLC and gnome players.

    I’m delighted from the graphical interlace (desktop), so beautiful and easy on resources. Thank you for the excellent work!

    • simplicity says:

      No no no, thank you for the lovely comment! In all seriousness though, we’re happy as long as our users are happy, and when we get feedback like this, it does make it worthwhile, so thank you!

  42. Ken says:

    I have been a long time linux fan and have tried numerous versions of Puppy Linux over the years, but could never really embrace Puppy for full time use. This morning I downloaded SimplicityOS 14.7 Desktop and tried it out on one of my laptops. I can truly say I am VERY impressed with how you have made Precise Puppy come to life. I like the LXDE desktop environment (although I still prefer XFCE) and the fact that you added the MUCH needed “Create Shortcut” function to the desktop menu. This distro has HUGE potential for installing on future machine……THANK YOU and keep up the excellent work.

  43. Chuck says:

    Is the Netflix app available on the netbook version?

  44. Glenn Condrey says:

    Hey, i have stumbled across y’alls site.
    I have played around with Puppy a couple of times. I particularly like the old TeenPup that had come out a while back. (It is now known as LegacyOS)
    I mentioned to that developer that I am an old Xandros 4.5 user…which I still maintain my distro with Debian Etch depos.
    Anyways…we were somewhat limited in Xandros…because Flashplayer 11.1 could not be compiled on our machines as our version of glibC was only 2.3…and it needed glibC 2.4 or better to compile.
    Some user got around that by writing a small script…and was able to install (THEN) the newest flashplayer which was 10.1(?).
    Anyways…I was able to download the last version of flashplayer for linux (11.1) and compile it using that script.
    I supplied the ‘patched’ version of flashplayer to the LegacyOS developer…and he reported that it worked pretty well for his Puppy distro.
    If you need it…I can upload that to you.
    I just like to help wherever and however I can.

  45. Joel Labbe says:

    Distrowatch is seeding Simplicity 15.1. This free service is provided by Distrowatch to help expand the user base. In all, 16 OS are seeded, and more are to come each and every week.

  46. camyl gauthier says:

    I tested Sim;icity 15.1 Desktop version this weekend on my home laptop with a USB. I saw that LibreOffice is not included anymore in the distro(sic!) but i was able to install it . Everythingg works fine except for python. I installed the python3 packet wich installed python 3.2.0. The current version avalaible is at least 3.5. Unable to install numpy and scipy for python3.2.0. The only numpy packet is for version 1.6.2 wich is for python 2.7 . I spend many hours trying to fix this but was unable to do so. My GooggeCromeCast device is working fine. I also tested also Citrix Receiver 13.0 wich is required for connection to my office. The Wifi driver wl.ko for my BCM43227 card is working well also. Good Job!

    • simplicity says:

      Always good to get this kind of feedback as it’s really helpful! We will try and use it to make Simplicity even better.

  47. John says:

    Hey guys…I have X x64 booted Live….how to install? :))

  48. kenwood says:

    I installed the netbook version on my EeePC and it runs nicely. How can I get Dropbox on that version? There is no Dropbox sfs and it is not in the repos. I see that it is in the desktop version.


  49. joel Labbe says:

    Hi again,
    Blacksheet is an addon for Firefox that could well be an integral part to any Linux OS. Users of SimplicityOS would benefit from it with enhanced security when surfing the Web in hotspots where internet is rarely provided with an encrypted connexion, leaving users open to session highjacking. Unfortunately, the Linux addon is to be compiled to work with Firefox in a particular OS. Here’s a short note from the website : BlackSheep, also a Firefox plugin is designed to combat Firesheep.

  50. JohnWalC says:

    It would be useful if the install size of distributions are listed along with
    the download size. Sometimes these are significantly different.

  51. Dan says:

    Suggest adding your distro name to the ISO file name. Would make it much easier to identify in our folders.

  52. Sergey Smirnov says:

    Hello, friends and developers of simplicity linux!

    Does simplicity run in RAM? I can’t find the information about it… I know it is based on puppy (and more exactly slacko puppy) so logically thinking it should and it must run in RAM but I am a bit confused that no one mentions it openly and more direct. It would be nice to include that into the description of simplicity linux whether it runs in RAM or not so that there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings. Anyhow. the choice is always yours. I don’t want to impose anything on you. I am just seeking an appropriate puppy derivative and simplicity looks really awesome.

    Best regards,

    • simplicity says:

      We keep meaning to mention it runs in RAM. It’s one of the reasons we really like working with Puppy Linux!

  53. Francis D. Tran says:

    Simplicity is awesome. It performs extremely well on low end laptop with UEFI. May we request for glibc and c headers to do some developement work?

    Thank you in advance.

  54. greyowl says:

    I really like what I read about Simplicity.
    However, I am new to Linux and need regular help to understand how to use it and do things.
    I have an old Dell Latitude D600 laptop and am not young myself.
    Is there any help available on a regular basis?
    Can I use the iso to make a live CD in order to try it?
    If I like it can I install it on my hard drive as my only OS?

    • simplicity says:

      You can download the ISO and burn it to a CD to make a live CD if you want, you can even remove the CD afterwards if you have enough RAM as Puppy which Simplicity is based on runs in RAM. You can install Simplicity onto a hard disk if you want, but we normally use it from a USB key. And if you need help you can come here and ask. We’re trying to get better at support, but things have been a little crazy the last couple of months! Hope this all helps you a little!

  55. greyowl says:

    I tried 14.7 but it did not work because my hardware will not support pae. Is there a non pae version or a way to force pae?

    • labbe5 says:

      Since you are new to Linux (a choice i have made myself years ago, and i keep learning) and you would like to learn a few tricks, i suggest you go to murga-linux website. What makes it special is its community of members dedicated to Puppy, the system on which SimplicityOS is based on. Its unique features make it a very good choice for older computers. You don’t have to buy a new computer; a wiser choice, and cheaper, is to look for a distro light enough for your old hardware. But SimplicityOS, although based on Puppy, may be more tuned to newer computers.

  56. Simple-Simon says:

    I know simplicity runs in ram, but websites state that it’s based on slacko and/or LXpup and/or puppy tahr?, but even the kernel info is contradictory (my error?). My point? Puppy tahr indicates whether it’s 6.0 or 6.0.2, and whether it’s pae or non-pae. My brightness controls do function properly in puppy tarh 6.0 ce iso with the proper drivers – under pet manager? > drivers > amd > select 6.0 or 6.0.2 > pae or non-pae. I was able to select the proper driver the first time; not so with Simplicity. They do not function in Simplicity 15.4 final 32-bit iso; why (I really like Simplicity on a newer HP-255-G2 w/ 1.0ghz processor) maybe I’m too stupid to ferret this info out, but I should be able to find this info after searching for hours on the interweb. Your insular thinking is so myopic that you can’t see the forest for the trees, communicate, yes hit me over the head with the obvious. I shouldn’t have to search for hours to find what size the tires are on my vehicle! Puppy tahr does it, simply: Puppy tahr 6.0 ce non-pae. Now shouldn’t SIMPLICITY be able to do it SIMPLY as opposed to DIFFICULTLY? Is this 6.0 or 6.0.2 or something else (only two options in pet), is it pae or non-pae? Please distinguish between my critique of the lack of “documentation” or description and my enamoredness with Simplicity.

    I probably shouldn’t mention this because puppy is for those with some knowledge of linux, but since it runs from root and is often installed on a usb, something such as the following may be beneficial for those not familiar with linux and possibly bring many on board. This shows how to system link some home directories/folders to a Data partition and update the appropriate fstab files:
    and: http://community.linuxmint.com/tutorial/view/1609
    I’ll probably be able to do it, but not without some thought or trial and error. But I am left to trial and error with selecting the appropriate amd driver. There are only four choices, I tried two, hopefully, I only have to try two more. I’m almost compelled to leave with that last parting shot. I do like Simplicity 15.4 32-bit iso though, and am looking forward to the new release. ?15.7? end of July, 2015? Meant constructively Thanks.
    Simple Simon

  57. Simple-Simon says:

    Correction, I should have said “quickpet tahr” not pet manager when referring to the drivers.

    I see that not everyone here does have a lot of linux experience.
    Possible suggestion: Mention System > Puppy Event Manager > Save Session. Can be set to not automatically save “mistakes” but to only save on shutdown if chosen. I know this is simple, but I have seen at least one blog that never found this solution, perhaps it was old. Also, an unresolved one re: Pale Moon that was due to an unintuitive layout. Possibly supply custom or default Save2flash desktop icon. I have the icon, but didn’t customize it yet. Possibly a few simple backup save files? Probably in the menu.
    Anyway, I mentioned the Pale Moon layout; I am ignorant when it comes to linux/computers, but one of the issues in the “linux world” is communication – particularly how-to articles. I know, it’s bad in America in general, and a lot is lost in translation; I’m sure they’re usually knowledgeable, but even the incorrect sentence structure or improper or lack of punctuation can make the intended meaning ambiguous. It is one of the reasons that I am thinking of using Arch; I do like their documentation – the more knowledge that would be required in linux may be offset by the more easily comprehended documentation. Maybe I should read a basic linux tutorial? Please don’t check my writing; I’ll positively blame it on the “a sinking tide sinks all ships” maxim. I’ll drop off and wait for a “driver” reply. Thanks
    Simple Simon

  58. Moltabos says:

    Hi, latinamerican speaker, so i hope you can understand.

    I love the simplicity of Simplicity xD, i tried others distros but none it’s the right for me ( or maybe i’m not the right person for GNU/Linux 😀 ) i have a few cuestions, 1 ) the Home page says the current stable releases: 14.7… that’s the version i need download? Actually i’m downloading version 15.7…. 2 ) I’m a noob programmer, this distribution it’s right for that task? (i mean programming, not the noob part 😀 ) Thank you.

    • simplicity says:

      My wife (our social media person) is a latin american speaker too, so there are no problems understanding! Yes, you can download a range of programming languages from the package manager. Hope this helps!

  59. Ben Decker says:

    Hi — I tried to boot Netbook on an older Dell from a USB stick. It recognized the stick just fine, began booting and kept chugging along until after:

    waiting for modules to complete loading done

    Nothing from there. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to have a simple, smoking fast machine that will just be used for watching Netflix on Firefox/Chrome and whatever other streaming services will work on it.

    Hardware I know about:
    Dell Dimension 4700
    Pentium 4, 3.2GHZ
    Nvidia Geforce 6800 video card with 256MB ram.

    Thank you! I know how much goes into these projects and your work is appreciated.


    • simplicity says:

      Nice goal. We have a machine for something similar here. Have you tried formatting and trying the USB again? Or trying to download the image again? If this doesn’t help, give us another shout and hopefully we will respond faster this time!

  60. John MacCormick says:


    Lumina is a new lightweight desktop environment. It is available for a few distros, or you compile it yourself. You may find it interesting for SimplicityOS. Here’s a link : http://lumina-desktop.org/get-lumina/
    I want to compile it myself soon, to try it.

  61. Miko says:

    So erm….where is the downloads page with all the versions nicely laid out so I can pick one and click?

  62. bondjohnm says:

    I just installed Simplicity Linux twice and chrome never worked on either of them. i had to install Firefox to try and download and install chrome outside of puppy package manger but it still wont work. Any ideas?

    • simplicity says:

      We’ve personally not had a problem with downloading Firefox from Mozilla and running it from it’s directory. Try running it in the terminal to see what’s wrong, or let us know here and we’ll try to help out.

      • John Bond says:

        It isnt Firefox I am having trouble with in Simplicity, it is Chrome. It comes preinstalled but it doesnt work, and it wont work when I uninstall it and reinstall it, Chrome that is.

    • Krommo says:

      As I understood from this site, Simplicity is a 32bit-distro. Google recently has stopped with the (support of) 32bit-version of Chrome. Maybe that’s the reason why you cannot install it (anymore).

      • Krommo says:

        Little correction about what I wrote above, about Google’s Chrome. I better wrote: “That’s probably the reason Chrome doesn’t work, and that you cannot install it properly anymore”. In addition:
        I’ve heard from several users of Ubuntu and Linux Mint, using 32bits versions, the same issue: Chrome doesn’t work anymore.
        It seems that “Chromium” (the ‘mother’ of Google’s Chrome), will continue (support for) its 32bits version. However: all Google-products, like Gmail, will protest against using it for their products…. I guess then Opera and FireFox are the only browsers that Google will still accept….. for a while….

        • simplicity says:

          This is why we’ve switched from Chrome to Firefox, because Chrome doesn’t work on 32 bit Linux anymore, or at best is no longer supported by Google, whereas Firefox is supported by Mozilla. Hope this clears things up a bit!

  63. Just says:

    No md5sums ?

  64. Mystified1234 says:

    I’m using simplicity on 3 pc. 2 laptops (amd x2) 1 desktop, love the OS, clean, stable, benefits of rolling release & newer kernels, not to mention Arch based.

    I moved away from ElementaryOs, best OS in years that’s Linux. I distrowatch daily, try a new distro weekly, definetly my favourite, and it’s still in Beta mode, that speaks for itself, image what the full release will be like.

    no longer mystified with this OS,

    • simplicity says:

      Thank you for the kind words! It really is highly appreciated! And we’re very glad that you’re no longer mystified!

  65. Alex Nguyen says:

    What devx should I download for the latest 16.04 release? I have a few python scripts I run from time to time.

    • simplicity says:

      If you just wanted to run some python scripts, python is in the repos. Hope this helps a bit!

  66. Antonio says:

    Just heard about this on a blog and tried it with VMware… One thing i can say is: WOW!
    Fast, really fast! Gonna test it with some old hardware at home later.
    Thanks guys, awesome job!

  67. Tim H says:

    You appear to have restructured your releases into 3 versions instead of 5. However, the “About our releases” page still says there’s 5. This is extremely confusing for someone just considering trying things out. It is especially confusing when the 2 versions that interest me, Obsidian and Media, aren’t mentioned anymore.

  68. Ace says:

    I think I would like to try media and obsidian versions. Will they be brought back?
    Would you please mark what versions are considered stable/LTS and which versions are testing or short-term? I see an announcement for a newer version, yet it has a lower version near the top that says latest. I want the most stable version, while some other people might want the very latest version. Puppy linux tends to make it a little clearer which version of that category of puppy is stable and what is testing.
    It seems to me that the whole site needs a revamp.

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