A little Christmas present!

I made a little bet with myself last night.  If I finished work early, I was going to use the time to fix a couple of nagging issues with a new version of Simplicity that I’ve been working on and release it.  Normally I finish at 5:30pm.  Today I finished at 1pm.

Which is why I am releasing an Alpha of Simplicity Linux Gaming Edition.  It comes with Steam, Vortex Cloud Gaming and OBS.  I’ve been using it a lot lately, and today played Brawlhalla using Proton on this version.  There are still a few issues with it, hence it being released as an Alpha rather than a Beta.

I’m also releasing Simplicity Linux Base 20.1 Alpha.  Base is the version I build on and modify to create the other versions.  However, recently I’ve been using it as my daily desktop and have found that it works pretty well.  So I decided to release it.

You might also notice that I’m using BitBucket to store the ISOs.  I’m not abandoning SourceForge, instead I am trying BitBucket and comparing them.  I thought an Alpha release was a fairly safe way of trying it out and comparing features.

Simplicity Gaming Edition 20.1 Alpha can be downloaded here
Simplicity Base 20.1 Alpha can be downloaded here

Happy Christmas to everyone and I hope you enjoy these releases.

4 thoughts on “A little Christmas present!

  1. Simplicity have always been my favorite distros right back to the 154 editions. I have tried the latest alphas which seem to be so promising with great features but they also seem to have many issues which is disappointing.
    I have not tried the Base edition yet which is also an Alpha.
    I am looking forward to a Final edition which is stable of any of these latest releases. Any hope for this?

  2. Hi, thank you very much for your hard work ! As this 20.1 is still in alpha release, I wonder if there is somewhere a final release of Simplicity 19.10 Desktop ? It would be great to create a final release each time you publish a new alpha one so we could upload it everywhere and inform distrowatch and other linux blogs. More, please could you share the scripts you use to build an alpha release so we could try to help debug, and also the scripts you use to build a desktop release from the alpha ? Thanks again and I wish you the very best for the new year ! 🙂

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