March 31, 2016

Simplicity Linux 16.04 Betas are now available!

We are pleased to announce that Simplicity Linux 16.04 Beta is now available for download.  There have been some issues building a version of Desktop 16.04 that we’re happy with in time for release, but hopefully it should be uploaded in the next couple of days.

The biggest change from the Alpha to the Beta release of 16.04 is that it is now running the 4.4.4 kernel.  We would love any feedback from users on how it’s performing for them, as we’ve found it to be very stable, but we only have a small amount of hardware to test on, so more feedback would be invaluable.

Mini is our cut down version of Simplicity which shares the same base as our X and Desktop versions, but with a lot of software removed and replaced by web based versions.  It comes with Google Docs, Spotify, TuneIn Radio, Dropbox, Twitter and Facebook.


X is our experimental version of Simplicity Linux and changes dramatically from release to release.  It’s the reason these releases use the 4.4.4 kernel because it was so stable running in X, we decided to put it into the other versions for this release.  This version of X is designed to look a little more familiar to Windows users, to make Linux a little less scary for new users.  It comes preinstalled with  Thunderbird, Firefox, LibreOffice, GIMP, WINE and Clementine.


We hope you enjoy using Simplicity Linux 16.04 Beta as much as we’ve enjoyed working on it.  The final release of Simplicity Linux 16.04 will be out at the end of April.

Mini 16.04 Beta MD5:(68a11cf2b2a39a4c26fc6fe50ae7b297)

X 16.04 Beta MD5:(925004c7ab3649be4dadb35b53363e4f)