Simplicity Linux 15.7 now available for download!

We are very pleased to announce Simplicity Linux 15.7!

Our two main editions Netbook and Desktop are available for 32 or 64 bit processors.  The 32 bit version comes with the 4.0.4 kernel, and the 64 bit version comes with the 4.0.2 kernel.

Netbook Edition, our light-weight version of Simplicity Linux comes preinstalled with Google Chrome and focuses on cloud based applications rather than locally installing them to allow people with older computers to give them new life.

Desktop Edition is for users who want a fully featured distro; it contains more local applications such as Spotify, LibreOffice, and Thunderbird and it could easily become your everyday OS.

And if you are feeling a bit adventurous you might want to give our experimental version, X Edition a try, available only for 32 bit processors it comes with the 4.1.1 kernel and even though some features may not be complete, this is our testing ground and you will get to test awesome features that might make it to our main editions in the future.

All editions of Simplicity Linux are based on LXPup.

Download links to the images to the Simplicity Linux 15.7 release can be found below.
Due to Sourceforge’s current uploading issues, we have temporarily uploaded them to, but they will be transferred to Sourceforge as soon as the issues have been fixed.

Fixed it! You can now download all images of Simplicity Linux 15.7 from Sourceforge as usual. Sorry for the blip!

Desktop Edition 15.7 32 Bit Version

Desktop Edition 15.7 64 Bit Version

Netbook Edition 15.7 32 Bit Version

Netbook Edition 15.7 64 Bit Version

X Edition 15.7

12 Responses to “Simplicity Linux 15.7 now available for download!”

  1. James Johnson says:

    Downloaded desktop 64 bit. There are missing menu files so it won’t boot automatically. Got it to boot by typing in “lxpup” at the prompt. Looks good.

    • simplicity says:

      Hmmm…thanks for the heads up, it’s appriciated. I’ll investigate that as we didn’t have any trouble during testing.

  2. Justinian says:

    X failed to boot due to missing bootmgr. Will be trying Desktop-32 next. Hoping for a fixed X iso though.

    • simplicity says:

      I’ll look into why X is broken. As always, thank you for the feedback, it’s hugely appreciated.

      • Justinian says:

        Not sure why I couldn’t get X and Desk to boot using flash but both loaded live using a CD. Thought X would be KDE like before but otherwise it looked and performed not too differently from Desk 15.4. Package has Firefox and VLC. Laptop still has Soundmax issue but was happy enough to install Desk 15.7 on it using PuppyInstaller.

  3. A small release feed is added here


  4. Roger Hunter says:

    Downloaded the desktop version, burned a CD and booted.

    Ran fine, looks beautiful but couldn’t link to the internet using etho.
    said it could see it but wouldn’t connect.

    No idea why.


  5. Zoltan says:


    Downloaded the Desktop 32 bit version and booted from USB on an old Dell D820 laptop.
    The OS apparently was loaded but the display image broken into pixels. I suppose the video card driver or display driver has some bug (sound was workig when shutted down the system by the power button). The laptop has got a Nvidia G72M (Quadro NVS 110M/GeForce Go 7300 ) vga card. If that helps, the Puppy Precise 5.7.1 is working fine on the same laptop….


  6. Dan says:

    Do you have md5 or sha1 files or #’s available on your site or in the same folder on Sourceforge to verify downloads? If not, would that be a possibility? Thanks!

  7. Dan says:

    Not sure my original comment went through – The link to the Desktop 15.7 – 64 bit Edition in the upper right corner of the home page doesn’t work. The one below the text does.

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