Simplicity Linux 15.4 is now available to download!

Simplicity Linux 15.4 is now available for download in Netbook and Desktop editions, both available in 32 and 64 bit versions.  It is based on the excellent LXPup and uses their implementation of LXDE as the desktop environment.  The 32 bit kernel is the 3.14.20 kernel and the 64 bit kernel is the 3.17.20 kernel.  As usual, our Netbook Edition is lighter, with shortcuts to web apps rather than locally installed applications.  Desktop is our heavier version, with bigger, locally installed apps like VLC and LibreOffice.  We hope you enjoy using Simplicity Linux as much as we enjoyed working on it.

Netbook 32 Bit: 3.14.20 Kernel
MD5: c66e09d43cc902842c5cd3f9c2276129
Chrome, Tor Browser, shortcuts on the wbar dock for Gmail, Google Docs, Dropbox, Netflix, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Grooveshark, Rock

Netbook 64 Bit: 3.17.4 Kernel
MD5: 93e73884012b2302cc39d201fba3866a
Chrome, TOR Browser, shortcuts on the wbar dock for Gmail, Grooveshark, Kindle, Netflix, Rock

Desktop 32 Bit: 3.14.20 Kernel
MD5: cb9517f9d50c7377228f9b3e07dcce7b
Chrome, TOR Browser, Full LibreOffice, Netflix, Clementine, VLC, Thunderbird

Desktop 64 Bit: 3.17.4
MD5: 51c73fd05f9154309433d6706e99cdca
Chrome, TOR Browser, Netflix, Full LibreOffice

22 Responses to “Simplicity Linux 15.4 is now available to download!”

  1. Is there any provision to play multimedia file in netbook edition?

  2. Sadegh says:

    Hi ,
    Can I use simplicity in full Dutch ? and How ?



  3. Justinian says:

    Distrowatch does not include the 32-bit versions which use an older kernel. I suppose that there would be no difference for those who do not need 64-bit with the newer kernel for their single-core era machines. Hoping for successful full installation later on like before.

    • simplicity says:

      Not sure what is going on there. I don’t think they are promoting 32 bit images when 64 bit images are available as far as I can tell from a quick glance at other release notes. Not really a huge issue I guess.

      • Justinian says:

        Happy to report that Desktop32 installed just as expected on an old Centrino+Radeon laptop. Flash installer was tried live first on an AMD Kabini desktop where the only issues noted were a dropbox error and ALC662 not activating. Had same error and no SoundMax detection on laptop but went ahead with Puppy installer which took good care not to jeopardize the XP main partition and made available only the prior 15.1 portion. But at one point it asked for the CD. Pasting two lxtahr files from flash to desktop did the trick.
        Reboots confirmed one very solid system. Those who dislike Chrome can use the package manager to get Firefox36 from ubuntu-universe. AbiWord and VLC are also retained from the previous build. Can’t say if others will have similar issues with their sound chips but this is the best lightweight system ever.

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  5. Martin Jones says:

    I use LM17.1 Mate on my laptop and I am looking for a lightweight distro with flash and skype pre-installed to install on a usb which I can then use on my company laptop when travelling. I have used the LM own usb creator as well as unetbootin, I can go through the process of installing the ISO onto the usb, however then when I boot and select the usb as the boot device, it waits a few seconds and goes back to my default and boots LM. Would appreciate any support in getting this working.

  6. Martin Jones says:

    Soooo i finally got my 2gb sd card booting With simplicity. Had to use the company windows laptop for some reason i could not get the installation to work when trying to install under linux.

    Anyway, simplicity is almost exactly what im looking for. Why almost? Because skype does not work and will not work out of the box. Skype now uses pulseaudio and will not work with alsa. I have to shake my head in disbelief when you market a distro as having certain programs but dont install the dependencies for them to work out of the box. I installed the latest stable which is 14.7 i think. Please make skype work as default with the next update.would also be great if you could provide instructions on getting it to work on an existing live usb. Many thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work. Regards

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  8. itps says:

    Strange thing… “puppy_lxpup64_14.12.sfs not found” but it sits there and takes 469mb. I repeat with another USB key. The same thing. It’s first time when I have problem with Simplicity Linux. I’m using Rufus 2.1 to make USB flash. I tested 15.4Beta the same way w/o problems.
    And anyway Simplicity Linux is one of the most favorite distributions I use. Thanks for your job.

  9. itps says:

    And more…
    I just made USB key with Netbook 32 and everything works as expected. I don’t know what is the problem with 64-bit versions?

  10. itps says:

    I did additional tests and found that Unetbootin did its job pretty well. Now I’m posting from Netbook 64. Everything works fine. GNOME Mplayer, Audacious, Chrome, Tor browser… flawlessly. Thank you again for the excellent work.

  11. Roque says:

    Hi, I’ve tried the 32 bit desktop on a Iconia Tab W500. It is not able to find the “puppy file”: puppy_…..sfs” and exits to the prompt. There when I look for the usbdisk, I don’t find “sdc” in the /etc. “sdaX” and “sdbX”, both internal disks in the tablet are ok. I have tried editing the isoconfig file setting “pmedia=usbflash” but it does not solve the problem. Any clue?

  12. Al says:

    Hi, I’m a puppy fan, I’m tring to run Simplicity 15.4 32-desktop on a Sammy netbook nb30 (Atom n450). I like very much the desktop, but apparently I ‘m not able to get my wlan card detected during the setup. Scanning for the HW, the hardinfo tool identify a qualcomm Atheros ar9285 adapter but during the setup with the IC wizard SNS, Frisbee, Network Wizard detect just eth0 wired card. With the last tool I checked for the driver but ath9k suitable driver is not available in the list. I’m a newbie on linux, but I’ve tested different puppy releases on the same netbook and I never had such kind of issue, and the wlan was quite easy tu setup and worked like a charm. I had the same problem wit S15.4 with an older laptop with a differet wlan card. Any suggestion? thank you in advance.

  13. Erlend Lunde says:

    Hi, I’ve been trying to put Simplicity on a USB stick to install on my netbook but I am unable to boot from the USB. I’ve tried different methods (Unetbootin, SUSE Studio Imagewriter, dd) but none seem to work. What am I doing wrong? I’m really eager to try this distro.

    • simplicity says:

      I’m honestly not sure what the problem is, but it’s something other users have had issues with too, so we are going to look into it and try to fix the issue before the 15.7 release. In the meantime, perhaps trying it on a virtual machine might help?

  14. ico says:

    The same problem with the desktop versions – the booting starts, loads “drivers necessary for….” “Searching for puppy files….” = “puppy_….._…..sfs not found” while it is on the USB stick. Tried 2 different brands of USB and 2 different programs (LinuxLive USB Creator & UnetBootin) for live USB creation – the same. Tried the older version – X15.1Final.iso – the same problem – puppy.sfs file is on the USB but message says “*.sfs not found”. But the Desktop15.1Final worked flawlessly. (except Cyrillic subs don’t show in VLC player (in GnomeMplayer are strange characters), but solved that with the install of KMplayer). Is this my hardware/software fault/incompatibility or …?

    • simplicity says:

      We’re not sue what causes that but we’re looking into it and hope to have it fixed by the release of 15.7 in a month. Hope that helps a little.

  15. Ron says:

    Tested Netbook 15.4 Final 64 in VMware workstation 10 guest with 1GB ram.

    Boot up was smooth, but tested with Chrome and Youtube was dissappointing, video will start and within seconds hung up the browser.

    Another puppy named fatcat was able to handle youtube in firefox without problem.

    It doesn’t appear to be short of memory as the task manager still show half a GB free.

    Hope you can optimize it further.

    • simplicity says:

      We’re getting the same issues with Chrome, and I agree it’s very frustrating. We’re looking at alternatives to it, but at the moment Netflix is a big deal for a lot of users, and Netflix only works on Linux under Chrome. Hopefully we will have a fix out for 15.7, as it annoys us just as much as it annoys you! Hope this helps a little.

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