Simplicity Linux 15.4 Betas now available for download!

We are pleased to announce that Simplicity Linux 15.4 Beta is now available to download.  We are releasing Netbook and Desktop betas, both available for the first time in 32 bit or 64 bit editions.  We’re basing these on LXPup and LXPup64, because it is an excellent distro with a really good implementation of LXDE.

As usual, Netbook is a more cloud app based Linux distro, and comes with the latest TOR Browser if you want to browse securely or Chrome if you want a less secure browser.  We’ve included shortcuts to Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, Google Docs, Dropbox, and Grooveshark, as well as including a virtual assistant app.
32 bit download
64 bit download

Desktop is our more heavyweight edition, and comes with the latest TOR Browser, the desktop version of Dropbox, Chrome, and the full LibreOffice suite as well as a host of other apps.
32 bit download
64 bit download

We really hope you enjoy using this distro, and you can expect the finished version to be available at the end of April.

15 Responses to “Simplicity Linux 15.4 Betas now available for download!”

  1. Ralph Smole says:

    Does this have out of the box support for USB wireless adapters?

  2. Griffydam says:

    Just tried 15.4 Beta (Desktop 32-bit) — seems fine, except that it didn’t detect the PCI wireless card on this machine.

    Now writing this using Simplicity 14.7 on the same hardware and this detects the card OK.

    HardInfo reports the card as RTL8188CE and the kernel module description as 8192C/8188C.

    Please let me know if further details would be useful.

    Thanks for all the hard work on these distros.

    • simplicity says:

      Thank you for that info, it’s really handy! We’ll do what we can to fix the problem before the full release.

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  6. Paul says:

    I downloaded and tried the Notebook 32 bit version. Looking good! I noticed there did not seem to be any media player included at all, but lots of other media applications. This was a bit puzzling to me.

    Also, when I tried running Chrome, I got an error message:
    Google Chrome cannot be run as root.
    Please start Google Chrome as a normal user. To run as root, …

    This never happened in previous editions of Simplicity Linux I tried. Hope this input is useful. Good luck with your excellent work!

    • simplicity says:

      Interesting. I’ll look into that. As for the lack of a media player, Netbook doesn’t have a media player because it’s designed not to have many local apps. The media applications included will be removed before the final release. Hope that helps a bit!

  7. T. says:

    Hi, could someone tell me which kernel version it is using, before I download the iso to test? Thank you in advance.

  8. Justinian says:

    Desktop 32-bit beta did not disappoint the other day when tried Live on a Centrino laptop that currently has Simp15.1. Just the old Soundmax issue. Repository of ubuntu-trusty-universe has Firefox36.0.1 which should work for those who do not want Google. Thank you in advance for the final version.

  9. ali javani says:

    thanks 🙂

  10. Sdk says:

    Include USB creator – Format tool
    Chromium – Chrome opt-in
    Update similar to Linux Lite (or Linux Mint)


    • simplicity says:

      Love these suggestions, and suggestions in general!
      The Puppy installer will create a USB image for you and format the USB key too.
      We’re toying with the idea of the user picking their browser, but there are issues (netflix, flash) to deal with.
      We’re also working on making updates far smoother. This and the above suggestion will be in X 15.4.

      Thank you for your suggestions, we are hugely grateful for them!

  11. Sdam says:

    Important features for me
    No Java-MonoRuntime
    Easy to set up home media
    Ofice suite
    LTS Kernel – 3.13

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