Updates on Simplicity Linux 15.1

Up until this year, I’ve never missed a release date – something I was really proud of.  And I didn’t intend to miss this one either.  However, real life got in the way when we went to renew my wife’s passport in Rome, which is when I was going to leave a machine uploading the ISOs to Sourceforge. (crap 256kbps hotel wifi, 6 hour delays in an airport without wifi, and train delays).

Which is why I am uploading the ISOs today.  They should be ready to go later this afternoon, and we’re pretty happy with them.  And work has already begun on Simplicity Linux 15.4; you can expect the alphas of those to be ready at the end of the month.

Also, since a lot of people have requested it, we’re going to be adding a forum to the site which I will be active on.  That way hopefully you guys can suggest things you’d like and submit any questions, and I can answer them and put in as many suggested features as is practical.  I know from the comments and suggestions on the site that this little community is awesome, so I am really looking forward to seeing what happens on the forums.

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