Simplicity Linux 15.1 is now available!

The final release version of Simplicity Linux 15.1 is finally available for download.  Simplicity 15.1 is based on Slacko, and uses the LXDE desktop environment for Netbook and Desktop editions.  Also, we are proud to announce the release of our first 64-bit Edition: X.  X 15.1 is a 64-bit only release and uses KDE as it’s desktop.  Netbook and Desktop Editions are our only 32 bit releases for this cycle.  One thing we are particularly pleased to bring you this release cycle is the fact that Simplicity Linux can view Netflix content straight out the box.  You do not need to update libraries, change agent strings, or anything else.  Just use the shortcut or use Chrome to view Netflix content.

As always, Netbook is our cut down version of Simplicity Linux designed to run cloud based applications rather than local applications.  Of course, you can add local applications from the repository.
Size: 300.7mb
MD5: 6c2dd03246737820da922585edf3a139

Desktop is our heavier release, featuring a wide range of locally installed applications pre-installed for your convenience.
Size: 473.9mb
MD5: 37135485ba0855898d5270095cb51779

X is our experimental release.  It isn’t intended to be polished, more a rough view of what Simplicity Linux could be in the future.  This time around it is a 64 bit only release, and features KDE as the desktop.
Size: 516.7mb
MD5: 9b7dabbe4753af634d22541859ae78e8

We hope you enjoy this release, as we have enjoyed bringing it to you, even if it was a couple of days late!

26 Responses to “Simplicity Linux 15.1 is now available!”

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  2. mad_jack says:

    I wish my usb wifi dongles would work with it, They work with about 95% of the linux distro’s I’ve tried. Oh well I guess I’m only out some time downloading it, and a disk I burned it to. To bad because the concept of Pyppy Linux is cool, just not for us on wifi.

  3. Rasta Rob says:

    Nice and quick on our test Aspire One 533 netbook with 2Gb Ram and SSD.
    How do we remove Google Chrome and Gmail from the fresh installation?

    • simplicity says:

      If you click on the dock settings, you can remove the icons for Chrome and Gmail. You can remove Chrome by deleting the Google folder in /opt/ and if you would prefer Firefox, it’s in the repos.

  4. Tom Smith says:

    Looks nice, shame the kernel is too old for my Toshiba Satellite c55t (all intel) laptop.
    Seems to run nice on the Ancient HP Pavilion 1017 (2005?).

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  6. Justinian says:

    Planning to test live using a flash drive on a Kabini-5000 unit so I can decide where Desktop and X will be appropriate for system installation. The screenshot on distrowatch looks really nice.

  7. Justinian says:

    Live test of X using flash drive on AMD Kabini A4-5000 system:
    No audio but desktop responds well with 300-600 mb memory usage on Chrome playing youtube video. Abiword and Gnumeric function. Repos have Firefox 24esr and VLC. Still have to poweroff in the end. Liked the 14.10 version of X better on my 32-bit laptop but this one definitely has potential. Desktop iso up next. Will run live on the laptop since this is where it is likely to be installed. Netbook beta already proven on Kabini last month.

  8. Chris says:

    I installed the Netbook 15.1 version to an 8GB USB flash drive & ran it on a Samsung N150 (Atom dual core, Intel graphics, 2GB ram).

    Good points:
    A smooth setup / configuration process, all hardware recognised.
    Attractive desktop.
    Relatively fast boot (~60 secs compared to Windows 7 starter at 180+ secs)

    Several problems though, some severe, some slightly inconvenient:
    1) Trying to make the touchpad respond to a single tap as mouse left click was not remembered between reboots and / or restarting the window manager.
    2) Trying to install a CUPS printer failed. Dialog box closes & nothing happens.
    3) The TOR browser 4.0.2 is already out of date and has been superceded by 4.0.3
    4) The default speaker volume level is inaudible. I had to set playback volume to max to hear anything.
    5) Youtube videos work fine but the BBC iPlayer fails to stream video. I am not talking low frames per seconde but 2 to 7 seconds between frames!

    Please accept these comments as positive feedback and as my meagre contribution to assist you making Simplicity even better.

    • simplicity says:

      Thank you for your comments, I will look into all of them as this is the kind of feedback we love because it helps us improve.

      • Chris says:

        I failed to mention that the save file is on an NTFS partition on the hard disk rather than the Flash drive. It might be relevant or not. I thought you should know in case it an issue.

  9. Justinian says:

    Live flash drive on Centrino laptop, Desktop 15.1:
    Tested wlan, Chrome, VLC but audio no go just like before. Good wallpaper selection. Firefox31esr, Abiword and gnomegames on package so proceeded with Settings-universalpuppyinstall-full on partition occupied by X14.10.

    Rebooted this remarkably fast system a few times to check consistency. Bottom dock opens windowed and has to be reloaded. Touchpad tap required setup again. LXDE start menu is adequate. Simplicity has been on this old laptop for way over a year now and looks like it will stay there for a while.

    Desktop computer installations would require something like OpenOffice though. Is there an easy way?

  10. Kuba says:

    Is there any easy way to upgrade from beta to final version?

  11. Music man says:

    Running Netbook edition on Panasonic CF-C1 “toughbook”. Wifi works well, very low load on CPU ( I hate to have the CPU fan spinning full tilt).Nice selection of applications.

    Downsides- no battery monitor ( and as we are talking about the Netbook edition I would suggest that is a must have) and wbar doesnt seem to run above the desktop, even though that option is selected in Settings

    • simplicity says:

      Glad you like Simplicity, and one of the things we love about Puppy is it’s low CPU usage. As for wbar, we keep looking into why it doesn’t run above the desktop as it should.

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  13. Adam J says:

    I downloaded the iso file, burnt it, booted and it works fine. But how on Earth can I install it on my herd-drive ? There is no such option .

  14. Megamieuwsel says:

    Got X15.1 and all works fine and snappy, but…
    Is this just a Live-distro?
    I’m trying to figure out how to install this to my harddrive, but it looks like I’ll be biting the dust for now.
    I probably need better glasses, but I can’t find a way to enter any form of install-routine.

    • simplicity says:

      Yes, X is our experimental live distro, just to try things out and see what people think about it. Glad you like it though!

  15. david rife says:

    I am running simplicity linux 15.10 on a flash drive. Cannot get the printer setup to run.

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