February 2, 2015

Simplicity Linux 15.1 is now available!

The final release version of Simplicity Linux 15.1 is finally available for download.  Simplicity 15.1 is based on Slacko, and uses the LXDE desktop environment for Netbook and Desktop editions.  Also, we are proud to announce the release of our first 64-bit Edition: X.  X 15.1 is a 64-bit only release and uses KDE as it’s desktop.  Netbook and Desktop Editions are our only 32 bit releases for this cycle.  One thing we are particularly pleased to bring you this release cycle is the fact that Simplicity Linux can view Netflix content straight out the box.  You do not need to update libraries, change agent strings, or anything else.  Just use the shortcut or use Chrome to view Netflix content.

As always, Netbook is our cut down version of Simplicity Linux designed to run cloud based applications rather than local applications.  Of course, you can add local applications from the repository.
Size: 300.7mb
MD5: 6c2dd03246737820da922585edf3a139

Desktop is our heavier release, featuring a wide range of locally installed applications pre-installed for your convenience.
Size: 473.9mb
MD5: 37135485ba0855898d5270095cb51779

X is our experimental release.  It isn’t intended to be polished, more a rough view of what Simplicity Linux could be in the future.  This time around it is a 64 bit only release, and features KDE as the desktop.
Size: 516.7mb
MD5: 9b7dabbe4753af634d22541859ae78e8

We hope you enjoy this release, as we have enjoyed bringing it to you, even if it was a couple of days late!

Updates on Simplicity Linux 15.1

Up until this year, I’ve never missed a release date – something I was really proud of.  And I didn’t intend to miss this one either.  However, real life got in the way when we went to renew my wife’s passport in Rome, which is when I was going to leave a machine uploading the ISOs to Sourceforge. (crap 256kbps hotel wifi, 6 hour delays in an airport without wifi, and train delays).

Which is why I am uploading the ISOs today.  They should be ready to go later this afternoon, and we’re pretty happy with them.  And work has already begun on Simplicity Linux 15.4; you can expect the alphas of those to be ready at the end of the month.

Also, since a lot of people have requested it, we’re going to be adding a forum to the site which I will be active on.  That way hopefully you guys can suggest things you’d like and submit any questions, and I can answer them and put in as many suggested features as is practical.  I know from the comments and suggestions on the site that this little community is awesome, so I am really looking forward to seeing what happens on the forums.