Simplicity Linux 15.1 Beta is now available to download!

So, after a few setbacks in November, and the inevitable December chaos, we are proud to announce the Beta release of Simplicity 15.1, based on Slacko Puppy.  The full release will be available at the end of the January.

We are releasing Netbook, Desktop and X 15.1.  Both Netbook and Desktop are 32-Bit releases, but X 15.1 Beta is our first ever 64-bit release.

Netbook as usual has few applications, and this time we’ve really tried to cut back on the local applications included.  The idea is that Netbook is designed to be minimalistic and use cloud based applications.  You can download Netbook 15.1 Beta from here:

Desktop is our more fully featured edition.  It has applications preinstalled, and therefore is a little bit bigger.  It ships with Dropbox, Chrome, and the NSS 3.16.2 libs, meaning that you can watch Netflix on Simplicity Desktop 15.1.  This will be available in the final edition of Netbook 15.1 too.  You can get Simplicity Linux Desktop 15.1 Beta from here:

Lastly is X 15.1.  X, as always, is our experimental release.  It is not finished or polished, but more of an example of where Simplicity Linux could be headed.  For this release we have switched the base to Slacko64 using KDE 4.10 as the desktop environment, making Simplicity X 15.1 Beta our first ever 64-Bit release.  It is very rough and unpolished, but we’re hoping to make it look and feel a lot better when we release Simplicity X 15.1 Final.  You can get Simplicity X 15.1 Beta here:

We hope you enjoy using these releases, and if you have any feedback, please leave us comments!

22 Responses to “Simplicity Linux 15.1 Beta is now available to download!”

  1. dang says:

    first off, looks great!!! running smoothly so far (havent done much yet) I have a couple questions.

    1. Java for my Juniper Client doesn’t work on chrome. I tried that link you gave me last time the file doesn’t work the same. But small things like wbar are functioning less buggy for me in this release

    2. I want to install puppy along-side my other linux distro and windows on my machine, going to wait for the final release before doing so but, what would be the best approach in accomplishing this?

    • simplicity says:

      1: Java doesn’t seem to play well with Chrome in our experience, but Firefox is in the repos. We’ve personally done that in the experimental phase and it seems to work.

      2: Before we hit headaches with our new 64-bit machine, we were running Simplicity from a USB key which we could remove as soon as it had booted since it was running in RAM, and then stored any data on the machine’s hard disk. At the moment we use a virtual machine to run it, and store data on a portable hard drive, but we’re working on a more elegant solution!

  2. reinier says:

    I downloaded 15.1beta but it booted with slacko 5.7 and ppm indicates slackware 14.0. My md5sum tested correctly.

    • reinier says:

      Just to clarify, I have simplicity 14.10 running and it shows 5.9.3 when it boots and the PPM indicate slackware 14.1.

      • simplicity says:

        Simplicity Linux is currently based on Slacko Puppy, a distro we greatly respect, and as such we keep nods to it in the release. We take Slacko, take out the bits we don’t like, add in new applications we do like, swap JWM and ROX for LXDE and PCManFM, then bundle it all up and release it. As for the Slackware 14.1 in the repos, this is because it uses Slackware 14.1 repos for it’s packages. I hope that clarifies the situation for you.

  3. Justinian says:

    Successfully ran NetbookBeta on a Centrino using flash boot. Really fast and connected to wifi without problem. Disappointed it has Chrome which stresses the 32-bit single core just as much as Firefox. Tor-Firefox is much too slow on it. Found that the slackware14-salix and puppy-noarch repositories have VLC and FF31-esr. The laptop currently has X14.10 whose appearance I like very much but the next Simplicity release will soon replace it.

  4. […] edition. It ships with Dropbox, Chrome and the NSS 3.16.2 libraries.” Read the rest of the release announcement for more details. Download (MD5): Desktop151Beta.iso (505MB),Netbook151Beta.iso (327MB), […]

  5. Ed says:

    I got interested in the X15.1 for the “KDE 3.10 as the desktop environment” but it turns out to actually be a KDE 4 desktop. I was disappointed. I’m a big fan of KDE 3 / Trinity desktops but lost interest in the KDE 4 version. (I could say for the Gnome 2 to Gnome 3 transition).

  6. […] ?????? Dropbox?Chrome ? NSS 3.16.2 ?????????????Download (MD5): Desktop151Beta.iso (505MB), Netbook151Beta.iso (327MB), X151Beta.iso […]

  7. Tony says:

    Nice work. The addition of netflix is nice. Will you be adding wine to the distro as well? Also adding back chrome to the distro was a nice touch. Thanks. Side note: I found that chrome kept crashing on the desktop version. The experience was much smoother with netbook 15.1. Looking forward to the final versions. The inclusion of Netflix, wine, and chrome would also be a nice touch going fwd. Keep up the great work.

  8. Andy says:

    You should update the release announcement. I was wondering why KDE 3.10 rather than Trinity. Now it turns out to be KDE 4, a disappointment.

  9. jonoathan says:

    I am going to be following your distribution closely now. So far I really like this, last week my cromebook got in to a accident and I pulled out a windows laptop. (painful) Downloaded the desktop version and now have it running on a older laptop via a usb stick. Everything works out of the box so to speak. I am enjoying the speed I get out of this slower hardware. I do want a better wifi utility for ease of access so I might go look around for something to replace what is loaded.
    I found cromeOS not really leaving me wanting for nothing until I had to run some utility. Then found crouton clunky-buggy and never having time to play around with it.

    This has left me with the idea of replacing my cromebook with Simplicity or linux and finding some hardware that is light weight and cheap. My only pause is i seem to be running with no users and directly in root?

    I would like to see some user forum or wiki. I might donate to the project if I commit to using it more

    • simplicity says:

      Glad you liked Simplicity Linux! We’re going to be adding a forum to the site in the next few weeks, because a lot of users have been asking for it, so I hope that helps out a bit! As for the running as root issue, we have been running Simplicity Linux from a USB key for over 5 years now and the only issue we’ve had is programs not wanting to run as root. We store data either on the hard disk or in the cloud, and haven’t had an issue. However, we understand that some people have issues with running as root, and we’re going to address that in the next version.

  10. Joel Labbe says:


    I like the fact you made it simple for Netflix in Linux, while keeping the good stuff of the past releases.


  11. Joel Labbe says:

    Conveniently, Distrowatch is offering to host and seed operating systems which are without an option to dowload via bit torrent. It’s free and SimplicityOS could be eligible to this service.

    Here is what is all about from Torrent Corner :

    For now, we are hosting a small number of distribution torrents, listed below. The list of torrents offered will be updated each week and we invite readers to e-mail us with suggestions as to which distributions we should be hosting. When you message us, please place the word “Torrent” in the subject line and please make sure the project you are recommending does not already host its own torrents. We want to primarily help distributions and users who do not already have a torrent option.

    I suggested yours.

  12. Tony says:

    I loaded Netbook 15.1 onto my new machine via usb and it is amazing! Everything works (and works well!).

  13. cantor says:

    Fast & neat OS. Pls integrate Wine with slako like you did with precise, it helps run Windows programs / apps. Wireless printing with CUPS still a big issue, does not detect network printer / no printing, if you could resolve it. Also pls make it work with UEFI machines. Appreciate your great efforts. Your OS boots machine in few seconds and shuts down in fewer seconds, whereas Windows takes hours causing annoyance & anger & damages machines.

  14. Mark says:

    another fun distro! Soooo…. i loaded it, and everything was awsome until i set firefox as my default browser.. now chrome wont open at all.. any suggestions?

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