Simplicity Linux 14.10 is now available to download!

Simplicity Linux 14.10 is now available for everyone to download.  It uses the 3.15.4 kernel.  Netbook and Desktop Editions both use LXDE as the desktop environment, and X Edition uses KDE 4.12.3.  The download links are as follows:

Netbook 14.10 (MD5: 75815f0d91d5ed4dc7337b92c7d65ba6)
Alternative Link:
Desktop 14.10 (MD5: 33759d4606a810e331228b923a820e4e)
Alternative Link:
X Edition 14.10 (MD5: af98b064490f459733b67ab28c59d4b8)
Alternative Link:

As usual, Netbook is our cutdown version, with mostly web based applications, which are made easily available from the Wbar dock.  Desktop is our more full featured edition which features a host of beautiful wallpaper images preinstalled, as well as a lot of locally based applications such as Firefox, TOR Browser, Thunderbird, LibreOffice and Dropbox.

X Edition is our experimental version, and as such not everything will work.  It is intended as a glimpse into what Simplicity Linux may become in the future.  As mentioned above, it uses KDE 4.12.3 as the desktop environment rather than LXDE.  It also leans more towards locally based applications rather than web based applications.

We hope you enjoy using Simplicity Linux as much as we’ve enjoyed working on it, and the Alpha releases of Simplicity Linux 15.1 will be available towards the end of November.

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  1. […] above, it uses KDE 4.12.3 as the desktop environment rather than LXDE.” Here is the full release announcement. Download (MD5) links: Netbook1410Final.iso (327MB), Desktop1410Final.iso (608MB), X1410.iso […]

  2. Fedup Sári says:

    Hi, the download links do not work, another blog post pops up about download issues. Many thanks.

    • simplicity says:

      This has now been fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Joe K says:

        I don’t think it’s fixed. The sourceforge link comes up with a download error stating the file was not found.

        • Joe K says:

          Here’s the error message:
          The “/simplicity1410/Desk..Desktop1410Final.iso” file could not be found or is not available. Please select another file.

      • Kees says:

        No, still circular returning links.
        I tried it dozens of times in different browsers.
        Sourceforge is lost.

      • Kees says:

        My report of 30 minutes ago was deleted.

        No way of downloading 14.10.
        Sourceforge still places 14.7 on top as the most ‘recent (stable) version.’
        All related links in Sourceforge return in a loop.

      • Fedup Sári says:

        Finally, I succesfully downloaded the desktop version using the alternative link. Many thanks.

  3. […] Simplicity Linux 14.10 ya esta disponible para su descarga. […]

  4. karason says:

    It cannot still be found !

  5. musk says:

    Download links doesn’t work…
    “The “/simplicity1410/Desk..Desktop1410Final.iso” file could not be found or is not available. Please select another file.”

  6. […] ???????????? LXDE?KDE ?????????????????????? […]

  7. […] ???????????? LXDE?KDE ?????????????????????? […]

  8. […] ???????????? LXDE?KDE ?????????????????????? […]

  9. Joseph Barr says:

    I believe that if Simplicity Linux could be installed as a “normal” Distro it would really tak off. ,But since it ,I think install like Puppy Linux ,it scares most Newbies.

  10. using KDE?

    is it OK for my old laptop – with 512 RAM?

    • simplicity says:

      Possibly it would struggle with KDE, but Netbook should be fine on it. We use it on a Dell Mini 9 (1.6ghz single core with 1gb RAM) and it works reasonably well. Hope that helps.

  11. Nelson Rodrigues says:

    File(s) could not be found or is not avaliable.

  12. Helge says:


    the link on sourceforge is down again.
    Could this be fixed for good?

    • simplicity says:

      Alternative links have now been provided, and we’re going to contact SourceForge about this.

      • Scott says:

        Whare are the alternative download links? As of 11/3 SourceForge still gives the following error when downloading:
        The “/simplicity1410/Desk..Desktop1410Final.iso” file could not be found or is not available. Please select another file.

        • simplicity says:

          The alternative download links are somewhere else we kept copies of 14.10. They should be functional. Hope that helps.

  13. […] Simplicity Linux 14.10 is now available to download! […]

  14. Justinian says:

    If X is the surprisingly good KDE variant introduced in March, I want to try it first.

  15. Justinian says:

    Got X 14.10 on a stick to boot quickly on a Pentium M laptop with 1 gb ddr2. Had easier time with wireless than Netbook beta. With the desktop interface too and the visuals just grabbed me. For the record, the LXDE beta was sweet. But X was even better as I tried FF esr 31.1.1 and saw VLC 2.7 (?) in the puppy no-arch repo of the package manager. In short, KDE menu, setup, installation, puppy universal installer became impossible to resist and away went Simp 14.1 from the laptop’s IDE partition.

    Before I realized that X still does not shut unless you poweroff. But it coexists with XP using the bootloader like 14.1 before it and boots like a champion. Firefox updated to esr 31.2 but package manager refuses to download. No matter because ALSA has never recognized Soundmax on the laptop and can only detect ICH6. Is X Debian or Slackware? Abiword doesn’t launch, Gnumeric does. Never mind, I am keeping this beauty until at least 15.1.

    I’m certain LXDE Desktop is one of the most efficient systems out there but KDE X is equally fast and responsive based on my trial and full installation.

  16. i think LDXE is lighter than KDE – and as far as using linux using LDXE in my laptop is run well

    • simplicity says:

      Yes, LXDE is a lot lighter, we’re just enjoying playing with KDE on the X version for the time being because we think KDE is a really nice environment, and could replace LXDE in Desktop.

  17. Antony Macaroni says:

    You have provided alternative download links that you say should be functional but i can only get around 10 Meg. Am i required to sign up to Filedropper to obtain this release in full ? This is all getting a bit too complicated. Also what happened to your hosting on Sourceforge ? (you were going to contact them to see what the problem was right). No explanation as yet. I am a big fan of your project but am slowly losing patience. You are not doing yourself any favours here by being too slow to react to these sorts of problems which have also occured in the past. With Respect !

  18. […] ci-dessus, il utilise KDE 4.12.3 comme environnement de bureau plutôt que LXDE ». Voici l’annonce de la libération complète. Téléchargement (MD5). Source: […]

  19. rodney says:

    After the old Tor browser had been updated and then closed,
    the wbar icon no longer launched start-tor-browser.
    Attempting to launch Tor directly from within file manager
    also failed.
    Tor seems to have lost its way.
    Any ideas?

    • simplicity says:

      The fastest way to fix this is to try chown -R root /root/tor-browser_en-US and then edit /root/tor-browser_en-US/Browser/start-tor-browser to remove the lines of code which stop it running as root. I know this isn’t a great fix, but we’re working on a script which will fix this automatically for people. Hope that helps you out a little!

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