May 31, 2014

Simplicity 14.7 Alpha is now available to download

Simplicity Linux 14.7 Alpha is now available for download in Netbook, Desktop and X Editions.  It is based on Precise Puppy and uses the excellent LXPup by SFS to provide LXDE as a desktop environment for Netbook and Desktop Editions.  As usual, Netbook is our cut down version which focuses on web based applications rather than locally installed applications.  Desktop is our heavyweight version with a solid focus on fully featured applications.  X is our experimental release, which may or may not change significantly between release cycles and is intended as a testbed for new ideas we are working on; as such, it’s not recommended for use on a day to day basis, but for those who want to see what the future of Simplicity Linux may look like.

In Netbook 14.7, we have taken user feedback and put web based applications on the dock bar, for ease of access.  Netbook comes bundled with the Chrome web browser because we personally feel it’s faster and more responsive than Firefox.  In Desktop 14.7 we have included Skype, Dropbox and the complete latest version of LibreOffice, along with Chrome.  X 14.7 still uses the KDE desktop environment we tested in 14.4, but we’ve added widgets that we think are handy, such as news RSS feeds, and information on the system.  We are also working on Media Edition for those with lounge PCs and Subdivision for those who have Windows XP machines but are a little nervous about making the jump from Windows to Linux.

You can download Netbook Edition (383.6mb) here.  You can download Desktop Edition (599.5mb) here.  And you can download X Edition (749.7mb) here.  And since I am always being bugged for them, here are the MD5 and SHA1 sums:

Netbook 14.7 Alpha MD5: 1056699ae69781e59ef1d196092c9d66  SHA1: d75fa6a0f8bcec8e571e82c4038dcd9a1f430567
Desktop 14.7 Alpha MD5: fb07216ffac88749606e37d28d478489  SHA1: 15220be71bcc2dedfaa020bf670aa8fc59c67a3a
X 14.7 Alpha MD5: 4d46d4d5769c137e6b18439427b6da6b  SHA1: cd82d9c43e94d91505ca88ebd221811dccc4d2cf