SImplicity LInux 14.4 Beta Now Available

The latest Beta release of Simplicity Linux 14.4 is now available for download.  Simplicity Linux 14.4 is based on Slacko by 01micko from the Puppy Linux community.

Simplicity Linux 14.4 uses LXDE as the Window Manager for Netbook and Desktop Editions, and uses KDE 4.10 as the Window Manager for Simplicity X 14.4.  As usual, Netbook is a heavily cut down Linux distro which gives access to a browser, e-mail, and a few local based applications.  Netbook is designed for those who want to browse, check their e-mails, and perhaps look at a few photos or watch downloaded movies on their machines, but little else.  Desktop is designed for a fuller experience, and as such includes Dropbox, LibreOffice, Skype, and more local applications.  X is our experimental release.  It is designed to see what else we can do with Linux, with the intention being that features we like will filter down into the stable releases.  X should generally work, but should be considered highly experimental, and highly unstable; it is not really designed for day to day use.

Simplicity Linux Netbook 14.4 Beta is available for download here: 246.4mb

Simplicity Linux Desktop 14.4 Beta is available for download here: 559.4mb

Simplicity Linux X 14.4 Beta is available for download here: 672.4mb


15 Responses to “SImplicity LInux 14.4 Beta Now Available”

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  2. meow meow says:


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    • simplicity says:

      Thank you for the great review, it’s massively appreciated and your comments will be passed to the rest of the team.

  6. Justinian says:

    Am still using desktop14.1 on a laptop. Can I test-drive x14.4 as a live CD?

  7. Justinian says:

    Impressed with the performance of x14.4b on an old Centrino (1gb, eide). Live CD booted in a couple of minutes and the desktop was responsive. WLAN and usb media were OK. Unbelievable that KDE is as fast as LXDE in 14.1. Can’t wait to install x14.4 when released. Hopefully Firefox will no longer be 17ESR and VLC will be included and logoff/shutdown will be fixed. x14.4 should be seriously considered as a WinXP replacement for older computers.

    • simplicity says:

      Thanks for the comments on X! We’re going to replace Firefox with Chromium, and we’re looking at different media players. And yes, the shutdown problems will be fixed, we were just eager to get X out, whatever state it was in.

      • Justinian says:

        I am one of those who trust Firefox much more than Chromium and both 17ESR and 24ESR are alright on antiquated units. X is potentially one of the finest releases ever but I’ll probably stick with 14.1 so I can continue enjoying Mozilla. VLC would also have been a bonus.

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