Simplicity Linux 14.1Netbook, Desktop and Media Editions Released

We’re proud to announce the release of Simplicity Linux 14.1 is now out.  It is based on Slacko Puppy 5.6 but replaces JWM with LXDE and has Firefox ESR 24.0 as the default browser with Cocoon proxy added.  If you are worried about your privacy, sign up for an account, otherwise it does nothing, and is completely optional.  It’s something we personally use, and have found really useful, so we thought we would bundle it.

Netbook 14.1 comes with Firefox ESR 24.0, Flash, and that is about it.  It is designed to be a quick booting distro that you can throw onto a USB key and use if you just want to use the Internet on a netbook device or laptop.  That is how we use it, and we think it could be useful for people who pretty much just browse.  It is 270.8mb and you can get it here.

Desktop 14.1 is our fullest featured release to date.  You get Skype, Libre Office, Java, Flash, Mplayer, Firefox 24.0 ESR, OnLive, Wine and other software preinstalled.  If you are after a full featured version of Simplicity Linux, this is the version you will want to download.  It weighs in at 538.2mb and is available to download here.

Media 14.1 is an edition for those who use x86 machines connected to TVs.  You get the latest release version of XBMC, with a lot of add-ons preinstalled.  Simplicity 14.1.  It boots straight into XBMC, so you don’t have to do a thing to start using the media features.  It weighs in at 530.4mb and is available for download here.

We hope you enjoy using Simplicity 14.1, and Simplicity 14.4 Alpha should be out around 25th February.

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  1. Justinian says:

    Thank you for Firefox. Am planning to make this permanent for an old Centrino laptop if no hitches.

    • Justinian says:

      13.10 live was OK on same 1gb RAM radeon x700 notebook. Fully installed 14.1 this time. No audio, card detected then lost. Curious because 13.10 VLC was functional on this old unit.

  2. Rodney says:

    nice OS, but an idea for the future – why don’t you base
    the Simplicity front-end on Quirky T2 from Barry K, instead
    of Puppy.
    Puppy is old hat now.

    Quirky OS written in revolutionary code structure, is blisteringly fast to boot up and shut down.
    No need for those big ISO files to download.
    There’s no need for alphas, betas and final versions.
    Just a safe secure base program which is periodically
    upgraded and bug-fixed with downloadable Service Packs.

    Just a thought, bye.

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  5. Mööse says:

    I’m having problems making this into a bootable USB. I use dd – should I be using unetbootin instead?

    • simplicity says:

      We’ve used unetbootin to create bootable USBs for a long time with no issues, so that could work for you too. Hope that helps, and thank you for commenting.

  6. maya says:

    Oh great! I think I should try it. I just like to know does it have ibus, ibus m17n in repository? Is it possible to install it in harddisk to use as regular pc?

    • simplicity says:

      I’m not sure if ibus m17n is in the repos, but if it isn’t, you may be able to find a .pet or a .deb which could work. And if you want to install it to the hard disk, there is a puppy installer application in the menu. Hope that helps, and thank you for your comment.

  7. Timothy Moulder says:

    I have a fossilized AO751h from Acer with the dreaded GMA500 graphics card on it. Finding a distro that runs well on this has been next to impossible.

    The mainline distros like ubuntu and mint are too heavy, and perform poorly even if the desktop launches. The minimal distros, like Slitaz or Puppy, were always lacking something – either they could not load a desktop due to the GMA500, or they couldn’t find the hard drive.

    I did get a version of Slacko to load correctly, and it performed well, but personally I hate JWM and ROX – not dissing on either of them, they are just completely not my taste. I tried LXPup, but no desktop (again).

    So when I tried Simplicity Desktop 14.1, I really had lost all hope, and figured this thing for a paperweight. When the desktop did not load, I wasn’t suprised, so I ran xorgwizard, and the first go-around was unseccessful.

    Then I noticed a button I’d not seen before in the wizard – “Fallback”. Imagine my delight when I discovered not one, but two custom xorg configurations for the GMA500 Poulsbo chip! I chose the shorter-named one, and voila – working netbook.

    I’m still testing this, but so far everything is working correctly. I’ve already done a full install to hard drive and just wanted to say thanks for keeping this system alive.

    And also to enter a plea – alot of minimal distros seem to be abandoning support for this chipset, so please don’t walk away from it in the future!



    • simplicity says:

      I agree with your comments on ROX and JWM. Puppy was the first distro I tried when I made the leap from Windows to Linux, but the look of JWM drove me to try IceWM, then I found and loved XFCE, before finally trying and equally loving LXDE. JWM and ROX are fine, and do the job well, but not to my taste either. And right now we’re doing some experimenting with Simplicity and KDE for an upcoming X release. Glad you like the distro, and we will try to support your chipset as long as we can. We’re using Slacko as a base right now, but if they stop support for your chipset, we will try to add it to our mix too.

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  9. Kafshiel says:

    I tried the 14.01 notebook edition first but it really doesn’t have enough software and it doesn’t look as cool as the Desktop edition. So I’m using 14.01 desktop in my notebook from a flash drive. It’s so good that i can finally use this instead of Puppy Precise, since it’s so much more beautiful and LXDE makes for a more powerful desktop retaining the low resource usage, speed and fast response. Kudos for having tons of windows themes to choose from and also different mouse pointers. Thanks for having both Firefox and Chromium too. This is the perfect distro to have on a flash drive and carry around. And it’s a really cool distro to show off Linux to your friends. Excellent job. Best regards, Kaf.

  10. Joel Labbe says:


    I tried and used 14.1, and realized that there is a nice polish to it.
    One question : Cocoon is a new service. Is this Firefox plug-in already implemented? It seems already implemented, but should we register with the site, anyway?
    About security online, protection is to be on the mind of each and every developer. And Cocoon is proof that SimplicityOS tends toward this goal.
    Many thanks

    • simplicity says:

      Great question! We personally tried the service, liked it paid for an account with them. But as far as I know they have a free option too. We think security is very important, and we know that people use devices in places other than their homes, which may not have secure wifi. We think that something like Cocoon is a solution to this.

      Many thanks for your comment.

  11. utz says:

    I just downloaded your distro from the “current stable releases” and that was 13.10 – then I “discovered” that there is a fresher version for download, so I downloaded this one and deleted the older version….well, I will see how good that distro is compared to others (my favorite distro so far was bodhi-linux). BUT: please work on this homepage, post more infos, how-tos, screenshots, forum….whatever! being user-friendly starts HERE

    • simplicity says:

      Thanks for the comment. We are going to work on the releases part of the site, and we know we’re not always great when it comes to posting and updating. For that we can only apologise and try to do better.

  12. Reitman says:

    I was unable to create a bootable CD from the iso image (14.1 Netbook)

  13. Fleemer says:

    I have a previous version of Simplicity on an old Acer Aspire 3004WLCi Laptop. I want to update to the new release, 14.1 Desktop, but don’t know how. I have a separate partition for files I saved and down loaded. Do I need to retrieve files from root before I update? Thanks i advance.


    • simplicity says:

      If you have anything in a save file, you will need to move that to the partition before you update, otherwise it will be lost (and we would hate that to happen!) Once you’ve done that, you should be able to update safely. Hope that helps!

  14. Worm says:

    Thanks for the excellent work done, if the internet banking work I will adopt as my OS for daily use. Sorry for bad English, blame Google.

  15. Transform Humanity says:

    Need to know if it installs exactly like puppy (frugal install) or installs normally like say Debian? Somehow I am not comfortable with frugal install distros; all minimal distros appear to be frugal install ones.

  16. Piotr says:

    Hi, just installed 14.1 netbook, and there is no flash in Sllimboat browser, Any clue?:)

  17. Piotr says:

    Hi, how to fix problem with flash player in slimboat browser?

    • simplicity says:

      I haven’t tried Slimboat, but perhaps you could try GetFlash. Perhaps Flash isn’t where Slimboat is expecting it to be. Thank you for the comment.

  18. Jimmy42 says:

    I have no problems at this time, Just wanted to thank You for the 14.10 Desktop. I liked it so well, I formatted a 16gm Data Traveler and put it on that drive. I have set up Firefox and Thunderbird to my liking. It just takes so long to save the crypta file. Is that normal or will it be shortened the next time I use the drive. It has taken about 15 min.
    Otherwise Thanks, and a Donation is forthcoming soon.
    Jimmy Alexander

    • Jimmy42 says:

      I wanted to tell You that I aread about it on “Everyday Linux User”

    • simplicity says:

      Thank you for the comments! And I think that encrypted savefiles take a while to save. I’ve used to use them and they always took significantly longer than non encrypted savefiles but I haven’t used them in a while.

  19. Great says:

    Dextop edition is awsome looking and a fare amount of out of the box support:) netbook edition is like blad with just a browser hope there would be a netbook distro with optimised interface and a fair bit of light apps out of the box ..thanx

  20. Jimmy42 says:

    Is there a tutorial on how to add Thunderbird as my default email client. I would love to have a shortcut for on the wunderbar at the bottom. I installed T-Bird to minimum standards without all of the addons.Your help would be gracuously received.

  21. Jarrod says:

    I’m new to all forms of linux. I was wondering if it’s possible to take simplicity and remove applications that aren’t needed (to make it small enough to fit on a thin client) and then make it into an iso from that skeleton?

    Sorry if it is really easy, and I’m just asking a silly question.


    • simplicity says:

      There is no reason you can’t do that. Just look for Remove Builtin Applications and remove what you don’t need. Hope that helps you out!

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