Simplicity Linux 13.10 Is Now Available!

We are proud to announce that Simplicity Linux 13.10 is now available for download.  From today you can download Obsidian, Netbook and Desktop.  Media and X will be available in a few days, as we’re still not 100% happy with them.

Simplicity Linux 13.10 is based on Upup by Pemasu which in turn is based on Puppy Linux by Bary Kauler.

Desktop has the biggest change this release cycle.  We have now brought back OnLive to Desktop.  Improvements in WINE and video drivers mean that OnLive works better than it has in the past.  We know it’s not Steam, but with OnLive if you have a decent Internet connection, at least you don’t have to worry about big downloads, you can just get on with gaming.  Desktop also has Dropbox integrated into it, so you can sync your files and get them on any device with a browser.

Obsidian is a bit bigger than Netbook, but Obsidian is still more cut down than Netbook.  We’re not entirely sure what happened!  We have also removed the browser from all releases.  You can now pick your own browser, rather than being imposed with whatever we use.

We’ve enjoyed developing Simplicity 13.10 and we are looking forward to bringing you Simplicity 14.1 Alpha on 25th January!  And if you want to come say hi to us, we will be at OggCamp 13 from tomorrow until Sunday!

23 Responses to “Simplicity Linux 13.10 Is Now Available!”

  1. honeybee says:

    Could you provide us some information about how to proceed to upgrade a previous version of the system? Thanks!

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  3. warrenR says:

    I like the desktop and could see it being recommended to friends with older hardware.

    However, I am at a loss to know how shut it down and power off short of a hardware reset. Any suggestions?

    • simplicity says:

      Step and WarrenR, we know about the shutdown issue, and it’s something we’re working on a fix for. I hope it doesn’t ruin the experience too much for you!

  4. step says:

    Nice look and size, thank you. On an HP dv1250 laptop the desktop.iso can’t shutdown properly. It asks where to create the savefile, creates it, then stays on. Click shutdown again and it asks where to create savefile again, and so on (loop). Conversely, if I tell it to not create the savefile at all it simply doesn’t shutdown, ever. Can you help?

  5. Martin Rizal says:

    The simplicity linux is great. However I noticed some bugs:

    1. The Trash Bin is not working
    2. No Logout, Restart, & Shutdown menu entry
    3. The Start Menu is missing
    4. The eject icon on PCMan is broken.

    • simplicity says:

      Thanks for the feedback, we know about these problems and we’re going to work on these issues in the next release!

  6. Bruce says:

    I have tried a lot of LXDE distros, I am impressed with what you have done. Using the xfce app finder is great. If you could replace wbar with Plank dock I think that would be an improvement. I have only seen Plank in ubuntu based distros though, not Puppy based distros.

  7. phil says:

    hi tried simplicity today and system kernel panics on boot right off the bat. though maybe bad iso deleted dl’d again same thing. same with acpi turned on or off and kernel pae turned off or on same result. this is on virtualbox 3.2 from oracle.

  8. notu says:

    there are some issues with upupraing in the wifi department

    • simplicity says:

      We’re aware of the wifi problems and they’re resolved in Simplicity 14.1, the alphas of which will be available 25th November.

  9. Gnu-centric says:

    Are there checksums anywhere for verifying the integrity of the download?

    Could not find.

  10. akutaj says:

    Always liked Puppy for it’s small size and portability and have been using it constantly for recovery and repair works, but always felt bit awkward with it’s desktop environment. Was delighted to find Simplicity based on Puppy Linux with LXDE, downloaded and tried the Desktop Final 13.10 version. Bit disappointed that a distro which is said to be Final & stable version hasn’t figured out even the basic of shutting/rebooting/logging it down properly. In my case pressing the power button does shut it down, but it doesn’t give any option to save and when trying to shut/reboot it from the terminal, “Simplicity” simply hangs.

    Network was ok though. Haven’t tried rest of the features. If I couldn’t save my config, thought it wouldn’t be worthwhile to play around. Shall try again when at least the shut/reboot works.

  11. Pete says:

    1/ Shutdown&bro bugs confirmed, temporary solution for me is ‘poweroff’ from terminal, which invokes reboot (not shutdown)
    2/ Where is dev file ?? gcc,cc,glade & other things for compiling progs..
    3/ This distro is new for me, so missing me default install of conky or similar thing to see graph of system usage, but eating only 87meg RAM under LXDE is wonderfull, go forward, guys.

    • simplicity says:

      1/ Thank you for the temporary fix!
      2/ At the moment there is no dev file, but you should be able to install gcc, cc and glade etc from the package manager
      3/ Yeah, we love LXDE too because of how easy it is on hardware. Glad you like it too!

  12. plzshag says:

    hey guys, simplicity is perfect, ive got one question what version of network manager is in this distro thx

  13. Tom says:

    get a HELP FORUM. With NO support you won’t be getting many new ppl
    Personally I’d like to REMOVE wbar, but can’t. I removed ANYTHING in a wbar search but the bastard just keeps coming BACK.

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