October 19, 2013

100th post and musings after the #Oggcamp party

So, just had a lovely evening at the Oggcamp party, spending a couple of hours with Phillip Newborough, and his wife and stepdaughter.  Obviously I knew Phillip because of Crunchbang, but I’d never spoken to him.  Lovely guy and lovely family.  It’s one of the reasons I go to Oggcamp.  There are giants in the Open Source field there who you can approach and talk to.  Try doing that in the Closed Source world with folks from Apple or Microsoft.

But, when I got in I was looking over stats (I’m a geek, I like numbers and pretty, pretty graphs!), and saw that 50% of the downloads from the last 3 days have been Linux users.  That is a shift, because almost every release until now, the majority of downloaders have been Windows users.  I even wrote a post about it here at the beginning of the year.  This time however, 50% of the downloaders are Linux users.  So, that must mean a couple of things

1) People using other Linux distros are trying Simplicity and
2) People using Simplicity are staying with Simplicity

For those thinking I am getting big headed, you have me wrong.  I’ve never been in this for money or notoriety. I like Open Source.  I like Puppy.  I just think with a bit of polish, Puppy can look better and be more appealing.  The cartoony look and single click didn’t appeal to me.  But that is part of the Open Source ethos, if you don’t like something, make it the way you want it to be.   I’m just glad that I can call myself an Open Source developer and be a part of this incredible community.

We are at #Oggcamp

Being massive fans of the open source community, we are at Oggcamp!  We arrived yesterday a bit soggy in Liverpool and decamped to our apartment about 15 minutes walk from the event before heading off to explore Liverpool and then go party with a lot of geeks at the launch party.

So, if you’re at Oggcamp and you want to say hi, come find us.  We’ll be the ones walking around in the Simplicity Linux t-shirts and hoodies.  You can come talk to us and although we can’t promise to be able to fix any problems you may have with Simplicity, we can give it a try!

Plus we have a netbook running a very, very rough version of Simplicity Linux 14.1 if you want to see how all that is taking shape!  And if you’re at the Oggcamp party tonight, we’d love to chat with you about anything!  We’re quite friendly and we don’t bite, so come over and say hi!