September 25, 2013

Simplicity Linux 13.10 Beta Releases are go!

Simplicity 13.10 Beta releases are now available for download.  As with all beta releases, they’re still not the finished product, but they’re a lot closer to it than the alpha releases.  We wouldn’t recommend you use this as your day to day OS (we do, but we’re used to the bugs!) but you can download it, use unetbootin to install it to a USB key and play with it without affecting your computer.

The biggest change we have made is getting rid of the horrible LXDE menu.  We knew it had problems, so we fixed it using XFCEAppFinder.  Personally, I think it’s better than trawling through menus to find what you’re looking for.  It’s not perfect, but we’re working on the bugs. We’ve also updated the repos for you, so they should be up to date when you boot up.  There are a few other refinements too, especially to the stability of the platform.  We personally ran 13.10 Desktop Beta as our main machine OS for 15 days without a single crash or problem, so that gives you an idea about stability…

For those not familiar with our releases, we will explain quickly.  Obsidian is a really cut down version of Simplicity.  You get virtually nothing with it.  So there is no Flash, no browser, no pre-installed apps.  What you do get is Quickpet which lets you add what you want, a network manager, and a nice looking user interface.  Obsidian is 198mb and you can get it here.

Netbook is our next smallest release.  You get Flash, and a few other apps pre-installed.  But not a lot.  Again it has Quickpet, so you can add in things you want and not bother with things you’re not interested in.  Netbook is 213mb and you can get it here.

Desktop is our full featured release.  You get Dropbox, LibreOffice, VLC, Flash and a whole host of other software.  We have opted not to include a browser, because we know some of you love Chrome, some love Firefox and some of you like Opera.  So we give you the choice about which browser you want.  Desktop is 314mb and you can get it from here.

Finally, for now, there is Media.  Media doesn’t use LXDE as it’s interface like our other releases.  Instead it uses XBMC.  This is because Media is designed for computers where you’re not sat right in front of them.  It’s ideal for lounge PCs or bedroom PCs.  It’s kind of big, weighing in at 384mb, but it does come with a lot of plugins and addons pre-installed.  You can get it from here.

Simplicity Linux 13.10 will have a final release around 25th October 2013.  It might be earlier than this though, because we are going to Oggcamp, and we would quite like to have it out before then, so people can come talk to us about it!