Simplicity Linux 13.10 Alpha releases have arrived!

Simplicity Linux 13.10 Alphas are now available.  Be warned, these releases are buggy, as is the nature of Alpha releases, but they do generally work.  13.10 is based on Raring Puppy by Pemasu.  The forum link for his release is here.  The kernel is, as you might guess, and it is a non PAE kernel, meaning you do not need a machine with PAE to be able to run it.  The window manager is LXDE for all releases except Obsidian which uses Openbox (released tomorrow due to unforseen problems).

As usual, Simplicity Linux 13.10 falls under several catagories:

A stripped down version which comes with very little pre-installed software.  The idea is you get a nice looking light UI, and then a browser and network manager.  If you want more software, just add it from the Puppy Package Manager (and later apt).  You can download Simplicity Netbook 13.10 Alpha here.

Desktop is our big release.  It comes with media players, LibreOffice, and a lot of other software.  Desktop is a full featured Linux distro compared to the cut down versions like Netbook and Obsidian, and less specialised than Media.  It also assumes some familiarity with Linux (you don’t have to be an expert, but having used Linux will help).  You can download Simplicity 13.10 Desktop Alpha here.

Media is designed to be used in lounges or bedrooms or anywhere else you want a nice looking OS to put on your TV.  It is the one we personally use when we’re partying to manage our music (like for our launch parties) and we also use it around our house for watching stuff on YouTube and other places.  You can download Simplicity Media 13.10 Alpha here.

Known Issues:
As we have said, there are bugs.  There are a couple of big ones we know about.

  • Media has a bug where it will try to help you configure your system on startup, but won’t let you select any options.  Pressing ctrl-alt-backspace will force Media to go to the command line.  From there if you type xwin xbmc it will boot into XBMC without asking the setup questions.
  • Subdivision has a bug (okay, we forgot a script or two!) where it won’t load Wbar or Quickpet on boot.  The easiest way for users to fix this is to just go to the menu at the top of the screen and click on run then type lxterminal from there you can type wbar to launch wbar or quickpet to launch quickpet which will give you access to a lot of very useful software.
  • We have been promising apt as a package manager.  We have it working but not as nicely as we would like, so we didn’t include it in this Alpha release.
  • We know the menus in LXDE are ugly as all sin.  We’ve got a fix for that coming in Beta.

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