August 24, 2013

Tomorrow is Simplicity Linux 13.10 Alpha Release Day!

We’ve been working hard for the last month or so on Simplicity Linux 13.10, and now you finally get to see the first fruits of our labours.  As always, the alpha images will be rough around the edges, so don’t expect them to be perfectly formed bits of Linux distro just yet.  And since we created those images, more bugs have been fixed.  At the moment we’re on schedule for Obsidian, Desktop, Media and Subdivision to all have Alpha releases out tomorrow.

As yet, at best we’re looking at a Beta release for Simplicity Linux X 13.10.  For those who follow all things Simplicity, you will know that X is our experimental release.  It’s not designed with a use case in mind, it’s designed to be more like an in house version of Simplicity if we were designing it from the ground up, just for us and no-one else.  Last time it was stripped down, but this time we’re loading it up with eye candy.  And that is the reason there is no Alpha – the eye candy isn’t behaving how we want it to!

In the meantime, between now and tomorrow (probably in the afternoon, during the Spa Grand Prix 😉 ) when we upload the Alpha images, here is a screenshot of Simplicity Linux 13.10 Obsidian loaded up with WBar, VLC and Opera (they don’t come pre-installed) running Openbox as its WM.