Subdivision 13.7 to be released tomorrow

Ahead of the Simplicity Linux 13.7 release at the end of the month, our alternative distro, Subdivision 13.7 will be released tomorrow.  Subdivision 13.7 is a distro designed specifically for Windows users looking to get into Linux but find Linux too “different” to Windows.

This is what it looks like:

capture1460Click the image to see the full size

You get WINE, Skype, VLC, the full LibreOffice suite, and Firefox.  We could have included more, but we feel that most Windows users don’t need more.  Plus, we could have included a virus scanner, and previous versions of Subdivision did.  But we think not including it is better than including it, because it shows that if you use Linux, you don’t absolutely need a virus scanner.  Of course, if you want one, you can install it.

We hope you enjoy using Subdivision when it is released tomorrow.  We know people are interested in the latest version, because, well, it keeps coming up time and again in our search logs on!

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