Subdivision 13.7 released

As promised yesterday, our offshoot distro for Windows users wanting a pain free migration from Windows to Linux has been released as part of the 13.7 release schedule.  And for those who didn’t see yesterday, here is a screenshot of it in action.


It is based on the same underlying OS as Simplicity Linux, but we’ve tweaked the UI a bit to make it feel a bit more like Windows XP and a bit less like Linux.  Plus the program names have been changed slightly on the desktop to make them sound less technical.  We’ve also taken the terminal icon from the desktop but left it in the menu, just in case a user wants to use it.

You get WINE, Skype, VLC, the full LibreOffice suite, and Firefox preinstalled, plus the gslapt package manager so anything you want, you can install.  We deliberately did not include an anti-virus because we feel it’s not something you need in Linux as standard, and perhaps Windows users might feel more comfortable knowing they don’t need one when they use Linux.

You can download the image here.

12 Responses to “Subdivision 13.7 released”

  1. tom morris says:

    is subdivision installable to hard drive?

    • simplicity says:

      Yes. It uses the same underlying Linux as Simplicity Linux, we just tweak it a little bit so it’s more familiar for Windows users.

  2. tom morris says:

    Tried out Subdivision from CD last night: some coments:

    Machine used: Compaq 2108 US laptop, AMD28800XP 512MB ram, ATI Radeon Mobility graphics.

    OS boots like any Pup, quick and does all the nice little set up things- Has a very nice familiar Windows look and feel.

    -This is the first Linux OS I have used that enabled my laptops ability to drive an external display; even slaco which it is based on won’t do this ??? so I don’t know why it workd but kudos to you on that.
    -sadly like Slacko power down does not work on my laptop and I have to manually power it down; fan seems to run normal like all Pups and no overheating issues.

    Tested all built in apps had no issues.

    I intend to burn a USB and set up my daughter in laws XP machine(dual core 64 with Subdivision as an alternate OS and will let you know of any issues

    This is a nice little alternative as a portable Os or a great intro to linux; one suggestion would be to add a desktop icon that opens a “whats different aboutworking with Linux; file management etc. I know this can be searched for but it may be helpful for older users that may not be as comfortable searching for info. One thing to note to Windows users is the quirks in dealing with files if they use Wine file manager(no drag and drop, etc) and that if windows executables are going to be used the best option is to use the built in file manager to transfer the files into a new directory and launch them from there; a short tutorial on “how can I use my windows programs I liked” may be helpful.

    All in all very nice and if the power issues get worked out I may switch my Compaq to Subdivision(currently run Lucid Puppy full install.

    I love Puppy Linux, Anti-x and Tinycore(unbelievably fast and probably the best portable Os I have found although set up is a little wonky) all of these are excellent projects that focus on usability. I look forward to seing the progress of Simplicty and Subdivision- great job so far!

    • simplicity says:

      Thanks for the review! Hugely appriciated! Glad that Subdivision is working out so well for you. I’ll pass your comments onto the other members of the team as well.

  3. tom morris says:

    man i can’t type, lol!, “coments” “slaco” good thing I’m not doing your Quality assurance. I forgot to add in the last comment that you may want to do like Lucid and instead of having Firefox on the desktop have a browser button that initially gives the user a chance to pick between FF, Chromium, Opera and then installs and changes the icon.

  4. joel Labbe says:

    Subdivision, while it is a very good OS, doesn’t allow me to install some apps, such as Digikam, and i wonder why. Dependencies install themselves, but Digikam doesn’t show up, when clicking on it, in the menu. It appears something is preventing it from showing up. Clementine is another app that behaves likewise. I use Subdivision 13.7 on a linux filesystem, and a laptop a bit older, from Toshiba. Can you explain such a behavior? Or is it a bug?

    • simplicity says:

      I personally don’t use Digikam, but I know that there is an issue with Clementine. For some reason, Gslapt doesn’t always install all of the dependencies it needs. It is something we are working on but this is our first release using an Apt based package manager. At the moment, if you open the terminal and try typing Digikam (probably all in lower case) then you should be able to find out what is missing. After that, just a quick google search for what is missing should fix the problem. We know it’s not a perfect fix, but we’re planning on doing a lot of work to the package manager in all of the 13.10 releases, because it’s an issue that annoys us too!

  5. Somewhat Reticent says:

    Version 13.7 is named Beta
    Version 13.4 named Release has 3 broken files
    [this e-address will self-destruct within 04 days]

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