Something different from Simplicity Linux – Simplicity X 13.7

This is something we’ve been working on for a while, but haven’t got around to releasing.  The three editions of Simplicity Linux and the Subdivision release have clear goals.  Obsidian is for people who just want to get online and use Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Desktop is for people who want a complete Linux distro with local applications rather than just using Cloud based software.  And Media is for people who have a lounge or bedroom PC and want something fast booting and pretty that can deal with all their media.  And of course Subdivision is to help people make the transition from Windows to Linux without having to be worried about that “scary” Linux tag, whilst using an environment similar to Windows and with Windows compatibility somewhat given via WINE.

But, the team at Simplicity Linux are creative people.  Which led us to Simplicity X.  A version of Simplicity Linux without a goal.  There are no end users targeted.  There is no use case targeted.  It’s an example of “What would happen if we did this…” and then making it happen, and putting that into an ISO.  Hence X, which stands for eXperimental.  Simplicity X 13,7 is available for download here.  The download link uses something that we may or may not use in the future.  We get $7 for every 1000 downloads, and we don’t think that the process is too annoying.  Definitely less annoying than pop up, pop unders or surveys.  And we get money from it, so we think it’s win-win.

Simplicity X 13.7 is tiny.  We stripped everything out.  Absolutely everything we could track down.  Including the browser.  Yup, Simplicity X 13.7 doesn’t even have a browser.  What you do get is choice.  We included the SlickPet software, which allows you to pick software you want installed.  Including a browser.  Because there is no browser, there is no Flash either.  This is how we managed to get a LXDE fronted Puppy Linux with PCManFM as the file manager to weigh in at just 139mb.  You do get Gslapt, so you can install other software you want too.  But Simplicity X 13.7 really is about as bare bones as you are going to get, unless we also removed SlickPet, LXDE, PCManFM and Gslapt too.  And the few wallpapers bundled with it.

This doesn’t mean Simplicity X will always be a tiny release.  As we said, Simplicity X is purely experimental.  If you want to try it, great, but we promise nothing from it.  It could be stable.  It could be unstable.  We have no idea until we finish tinkering with it.  But, you might just find features from Simplicity X become features in the full Simplicity Linux.  Because that is the one thing we want to gain from X, trying out things, seeing if they work, and if they do, how well do they work?

We hope you enjoy it.

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