Simplicity Linux release date brought forward!

There’s a shocking headline to see from a distro :p  Because of work commitments and the real world being dull and boring, we’re bringing the release date of Simplicity Linux forward to 25th July.  So, you only have to wait 12 short days and the new release versions of Simplicity Obsidian, Desktop and Media will be out.  We have quite a few kinks to work out in Media, but we’re pretty much there with Obsidian and Desktop.  We’re resting Netbook this release because we think it’s very similar to Obsidian, and once you’re using Obsidian, you can put all your favourite cloud based apps in speed dial in Firefox.  Or Chrome if you want to use Chrome!

We are really looking forward to delivering something amazing to you, we hope you all enjoy it as much as the recent buzz around Simplicity suggests you all are!

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