Simplicity Linux Desktop 13.7 Beta Now Available!

We have officially launched the beta of Simplicity Linux Desktop 13.7.  You can get it here.  We are currently in the process of uploading Simplicity Linux Obsidian and Netbook 13.7 Betas. Media probably won’t get a beta release because we are having some issues with it, but it should be ready to go for release on 28th July.

The biggest change we’ve made from Simplicity Desktop 13.7 between Alpha and Beta is we have officially moved from Carolina Linux as our base to LXPup.  We like XFCE, we’ve been using it for a LONG time, but we think that LXDE is a better window manager, and if nothing else, it’s more energy efficient.  We’ve also made some changes to the ACPI stuff behind the scenes, compared to standard LXPup.

Of course, the biggest change you get because we’ve moved to LXPup is Gslapt.  Personally, I think this is huge for Simplicity Linux that we now have an actual APT based package manager.  PPM is fine and good, but I think APT based systems manage things a lot better, and it’s something I’ve always missed from Puppy.

We hope you enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed working on it!

8 Responses to “Simplicity Linux Desktop 13.7 Beta Now Available!”

  1. Rodney Byne says:


    please accept my provisional user feedback
    & test comments regarding comparisons,
    between SimplicityDesktop137Beta.iso of 450.7Mb
    and the original Slacko-5.5-4G.iso of 164.5Mb:

    Despite simplification from the original Slacko,
    why has the recompiled iso become so bloated in size?

    Despite ticking in preferences for desktop drive icons
    to be created, there are no drive icons showing in the lower left corner and the left click instruction
    to make them appear doesn’t work.
    From user experience of all Puppies, sda1, sda2 & sdb1
    drive icons always show.
    This is also important if an extra usb stick as sdc1 is inserted.

    In Menu – Internet, there is no Firefox entry shown.
    But on the desktop there is only the text “Firefox”
    having no normal foxy icon to accompany it.
    Fortunately Firefox per se works ok when opened.

    On insertion of an extra music/pictures and movies
    usb stick sdc1, GnomeMplayer was incapable of playing
    any of its content, which was quite a surprise.
    File Manager though did acknowledge the presence
    of the multimedia stick and contents.

    My feeling is that the bootup Logo16 showing Slacko 5.5
    only, should be amended to read something like
    Simplicity based on Slacko 5.5, as it is now a modified
    Slacko distro & not the original.

    Yes Slacko 5.5 is the most recent version to date,
    but looking ahead no doubt Barry Kauler’s colleague
    01Micko who wrote Slacko, will update his distro
    in line with the recent plethora of changes introduced
    by Barry to the whole Puppy range.

    Anyway I look forward to testing further output
    from your goodself.
    Keep up the fine work.

    Best regards,
    Rodney, Scunthorpe.

    • simplicity says:

      It’s bigger because we include the full LibreOffice package, VLC, Skype, and a lot of other software. And we’re planning on doing things to the logo16 image. We started Simplicity Linux as absolute beginners with little idea of what we were doing, and as we keep working, we keep learning.

  2. Rick says:

    Did I overlook the MD5 for the beta?

  3. OldSapper says:

    Does it detect hidden wi-fi?

    • simplicity says:

      If you mean can it connect to hidden wifi, then I guess so, I’ve never personally tried but Frisbee is a very good wifi manager. I’d guess you would have to click connect then provide Frisbee with the SSID and key. If you mean can it find hidden wifi that you’re not supposed to know about, then no.

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