July 28, 2013

Simplicity Desktop 13.10 pre-alpha screenshot

It hasn’t been a week since we released Simplicity 13.7, and Simplicity 13.10 Alpha is already starting to take shape!  We’re planning to release Simplicity Alpha 13.10 on 26th August, but for now, we have a screenshot of Simplicity Desktop 13.10.

image-1Click to see a larger image

We think a lot of people are going to be surprised when Desktop launches, because it’s defiantly has a few tricks up it’s sleeve!  For a start, there is no browser.  For a long time we’ve heard people asking for Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Iron, etc.  We’re not about bloat, so we’re not going to include every browser people ask for.  Instead, we’re using Quickpet, so you can just pick which browser you want.  Secondly, Tor is integrated into Simplicity Desktop.  It runs on boot silently in the background.  If you don’t want to use it, don’t.  If you do, just set your SOCKS proxy to and port 9050 and you’re good to go.  We’re including this because we know some people are worried about three letter organisations spying on what they do online.

But the biggest surprise you might find is the size.  We’re expecting it to get a little bigger (not everything has been added), but right now the pre-alpha is 260.7mb.  Including LibreOffice 4.02.  And Dropbox.  And LXDE.


As we said, it’s not finished.  We’ve got to add some eye candy, an online games store, and fix a few bugs.  But right now, we think it’s looking really good.