July 23, 2013

Simplicity Linux 13.7 Released

We are proud to announce that Simplicity Linux 13.7 is now available.  Obsidian 13.7 is available here.  Desktop 13.7 is available here.  For those new to Simplicity Linux, Obsidian is our extremely cut down version, which contains Firefox, a network manager, LXDE and PCManFM as a file manager.  But very little else.  Simplicity Linux Desktop is our full fat Linux which comes with Skype, the full LibreOffice, Firefox, VLC, and many other pieces of software.

There are many differences between Simplicity Linux 13.4 and Simplicity Linux 13.7.  This is the first version of Simplicity Linux based on LXPup rather than Carolina or Saluki.  We have a new, more back to basics UI.  The Cairo Dock bar has gone, and now we’re using the standard dock from LXDE.  Speaking of LXDE, we are moving from XFCE to LXDE because it is noticeably easier on laptop batteries, but we feel the differences between look and feel are minimal.  As laptop users, we thought that anything which gives you a bit more battery life has to be a good thing!  We have also put more focus on Gslapt as the package manager rather than Puppy Package Manager because we feel Apt based package managers are far better when it comes to dependencies.  We also have a new version of Skype, bringing it up to version 4.2.  VLC has also been updated to version 2.07 and the version of Firefox we ship with is Firefox 22.0, not 18.0 ESR as many other Puppy derivatives ship with.

We hope that you enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed developing it.  And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask us!


Almost ready for release!

So, hopefully by tonight (or later this afternoon, depending on how nicely TalkTalk are to us!) we will have uploaded Simplicity Linux Obsidian and Desktop 13.7.  You may be wondering why there is no Netbook or Media editions.  Well, we have had issues with XBMC on LXPup which Simplicity is based on.  We’re working on that for 13.10 and we plan to have a 13.10 Media Alpha out in August.  As for Netbook, we’re resting it for at least one release cycle.  Because we think that Obsidian and Netbook are too similar.  If there is demand for it, we’ll bring it back, but at the moment we don’t think they’re different enough to warrant two releases.

Simplicity Linux 13.4 is the release that got us noticed by the wider world.  Simplicity 13.7 hopefully builds on that with the back to basics UI.  And we are planning on implementing a lot of cool stuff in Simplicity 13.10.  But of course, that is a whole 3 months away!