July 21, 2013

What can you run Simplicity #Linux on?

I’ve seen searches have been performed on Google for what are the minimum specs for Simplicity Linux.  We have a Dell Mini 9 which has an Intel Atom N270 / 1.6ghz processor with 1gb RAM.  We run Simplicity 13.7 Obsidian on that with great results.  It’s fast, stable, and we can do all the online things we need to do on the road.

Then we have a couple of test machines that we run Desktop on.  They 1.73ghz Pentium dual core machines with 1gb RAM.  They run Desktop pretty well.  They’re not the fastest in the world, but they’re enough for browsing, working on a few bits and pieces, etc.  They run a lot cooler than our production machine, and given that it’s been in the mid 20s for a month (give or take a week) this summer in the UK, we’ve been using them.

The production machine uses whatever we’re working on via USB.  It’s a dual core 2.73ghz machine with 4gb RAM.  It handles whatever we throw at it, and it’s used for making Simplicity.  It gets used for movies, powering the launch parties we hold amongst the team, we take it on the road with us to conferences, and many other use cases inbetween!

As for minimum specs, we’re not sure.  We know Desktop runs relatively slowly on the Dell Mini 9, and we know that on our ancient 800mhz machine with 512mb RAM, pretty much nothing but Obsidian runs, and even that struggles because Firefox is just too much for it.  Although Midori does make it barely useable (if you don’t want to watch videos etc).

We hope that helps those looking for specs!  And one other thing – as yet Simplicity doesn’t work on any other processor except x86 or 64 bit machines.  We’re working on a respin for the Raspberry Pi and possibly other architectures, but until then, it’s just regular PCs.  When more architectures are available for use with Simplicity Linux, we’ll let you know; because we want the most people possible to be able to use Simplicity!