July 11, 2013

Subdivision 13.7 released

As promised yesterday, our offshoot distro for Windows users wanting a pain free migration from Windows to Linux has been released as part of the 13.7 release schedule.  And for those who didn’t see yesterday, here is a screenshot of it in action.


It is based on the same underlying OS as Simplicity Linux, but we’ve tweaked the UI a bit to make it feel a bit more like Windows XP and a bit less like Linux.  Plus the program names have been changed slightly on the desktop to make them sound less technical.  We’ve also taken the terminal icon from the desktop but left it in the menu, just in case a user wants to use it.

You get WINE, Skype, VLC, the full LibreOffice suite, and Firefox preinstalled, plus the gslapt package manager so anything you want, you can install.  We deliberately did not include an anti-virus because we feel it’s not something you need in Linux as standard, and perhaps Windows users might feel more comfortable knowing they don’t need one when they use Linux.

You can download the image here.