June 5, 2013

Simplicity Linux 13.7 Alpha images are now available

So, after a month or so of work on Simplicity Linux 13.7, we are proud to announce that the Alpha releases are now available for download from SourceForge:

Obsidian 13.7 Alpha

Netbook 13.7 Alpha

Media 13.7 Alpha

Desktop 13.7 Alpha

These are very rough versions.  Some stuff might not work, other stuff might work unexpectedly, and you may need an upgrade for Firefox.  We’re planning a lot of very cool stuff for 13.7, so there may be new features added between now and the release.

But anyway, enjoy the new images, and have fun with them!  And remember, if you do enjoy them, consider donating.  Even $1 helps!

Simplicity Linux 13.7 Alpha images available today!

As I type this, the Alpha images for Simplicity Linux 13.7 are being uploaded to SourceForge.  At the moment, it’s a staged tree, so it’s not publicly accessible.  But once all the ISO images are uploaded, you will be able to get your hands on them.

For those new to Simplicity Linux, here is a handy introduction –

Obsidian is our heavily cut down edition.  If you want networking and a browser only, Obsidian is a great choice.  If you want more software, you can add it using the package manager, but from the start, you just get a browser and a way to connect to the Internet.

If you want something light, but with a few bells and whistles, Netbook is the place to be.  You get web apps preloaded on the dock.  There isn’t much in the way of local apps, but this is designed for use if you’re online most of the time.

If you need a fast yet full featured Linux, this is where Simplicity Desktop fits in.  You get a whole load of great, locally installed applications.  This is what we use on our desktops personally from a USB key.  We have LibreOffice, Skype, Clementine, VLC, and a whole bunch of other apps.

Planning on using Simplicity to power a lounge or bedroom computer?  Media can help you do that.  It comes with XBMC as an interface, so there is no playing around with tiny pointers and huge icons.  This was designed to be used from a distance.  We’ve also played with XBMC a little and given you a whole load of pre-installed software to find media if you don’t have any on your machine just yet.  Plus, you can get back to XFCE and switch back to XBMC whenever you want very easily.