Simplicity Linux 13.4 released

So, after a tough development cycle (lots of personal stuff going on) but earlier than we expected, Simplicity Linux 13.4 has been released!

Simplicity Obsidian 13.4:
Obsidian is our most cut down version we have.  It really does just give you a basic XFCE environment, a browser and a network manager.  And that’s it!  You can get it here.  The MD5 is 6c08670070fec64788a5f204ce281876.  The SH1 is f2d5e02ac499adf6b2bccd277e5d9f5f669f54f6.  And it is 147.3 MB.

Simplicity Netbook 13.4:
Netbook is our slightly bigger edition.  It runs XFCE, it comes with Conky, and you also get Firefox rather than Seamonkey which comes with Obsidian.  Whilst we don’t have many “apps” in it, we have made tweaks to Firefox via extensions which should help it be faster.  You can download it here.  The MD5 is e1fc00ac14c2aa36c5e0a27579e0250f.  The SH1 is 0acf12b86fb01b09b214609875401664d71c574f and it is 202.4 MB.

Simplicity Desktop 13.4:
Desktop is our big daddy.  You get XFCE, Firefox, Skype, Dropbox, GIMP, Portable Apps, the full Libre Office, Clementine and VLC.  You can download it here.  The MD5 is 12028f80e813a2f6ded35108520ec7af.  The SH1 is 4fa4b10800a1ea974d829d462099da0d2c48b91f.  And it weighs in at a hefty 432.2 MB.

For those wondering about Subdivision, our Windows “replacement” Edition, it is coming out tomorrow.  As we treat Subdivision as a seperate project under the Simplicity Linux banner, we felt it deserved a post all of it’s own.

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