Simplicity Linux Desktop 13.1 Released!

Simplicity Linux Desktop 13.1 is now available for download!  You can get it here.  And this is what it looks like:










You get Gimp, Skype, Firefox, Clementine, Pidgin, LIbreOffice, Thunderbird and TrueCrypt built right into the OS.  No need for downloads or searching for packages, they all just work!  Despite being built on Carolina Linux, Firefox is the latest version and works like a dream (we literally patched it this morning!).

You can burn the ISO to a CD and run it from the drive, but we personally run it from a USB key and then store files on the cloud or on the hard disk of our production machines.  Plus, it’s just a 564.2mb download, so it won’t do too much damage to your download limit if you have one, and it packs a hell of a lot of software for such a small distro.

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  1. Robert Atkin says:

    Hi, After watching Sneeky this weekend featuring your new version of Simplicity, I had to try it out. I love it. I wouldn’t necessary use it as a main system myself, but was looking for a friend who is having issues with Windows on his laptop. The only thing I do not like is when I set the firewall, there are multiple requests to block up to 23 ports. Other Puppy derivatives used to allow the firewall to be set without asking an additional information. What ports should be restricted without going too far (memories of Comodo Firewall blocking me out spring to mind from a while ago). Please let me know – thanks.

    P.S. I love the search engine you use too as it helps gather funding for your OS.

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