September 5, 2012

Want An Alpha? How About Four?

So, we know we’re not the best in the world at putting out Alpha releases of our stuff.  This is largely because uploading is very slow on our connection.  But now we’ve discovered, a rather wonderful little project which makes sharing files ridiculously easy.

You can download Simplicity Linux Netbook 12.10 Alpha here.  As per usual, this is aimed at Netbook users with an “always on” Internet connection.  Whilst there are a few apps preinstalled, we will remove most of these before the final release.  It’s around 200mb and works very well from a USB key (we were using it at OggCamp 12 for the entire weekend without a single issue).

You can also download Simplicity Linux Desktop 12.10 Alpha here.  This is the big daddy of the mix and weighs in at around 640mb.  But for this you do get applications like Skype, Libre Office (latest and full version), Clementine, VLC, Wine, OnLive and many other applications.  And as an additional, this is not just for desktop machines.  It runs very happily on our old Dell Mini 9 from a USB key.

For those who love music, movies and TV (me!) you can download Simplicity Linux Media 12.10 Alpha here.  This is our version of Simplicity Linux for those who want a lounge PC or a bedroom PC to watch things on.  You can get music, movies, and TV very easily using Media. and it is around 290mb  Please note, there are a LOT of features missing on this Alpha compared to the final version.  The final version will have shortcuts for Kindle Web Reader and come with get_iplayer.

Lastly in the mix is Subdivision 12.10 Alpha.  You can get it here.  Subdivision is our Linux for Windows users who don’t “get” Linux.  You can just download this, and get stuff done.  It comes with a preconfigured firewall, an anti-virus, instant messaging, Firefox, and lots of other things you will recognise from Windows.  It also comes with OnLive and Wine, so you can play games and you can run Windows applications.  At the moment you can only use get_libreoffice for installations, BUT, we’re working on that!  I have 10 days off at the end of September and I plan on hacking the hell out of the get_libreoffice script at some point during that time off.  Subdivision is around 290mb, and still very experimental.

Please bear in mind these are Alpha releases.  Stuff might be broken, half work, or straight not work at all.  And we know that Desktop is far too big.  We’re working on that!  If you have any comments or feedback, please let us know and we will do our darnedest to act on it.