July 29, 2012

Simplicity Linux 12.7 Release Day!

Okay, so Simplicity Linux 12.7 Netbook has been (unofficially) available for a little while now.  But now we can officially announce that Netbook, Media, Desktop and Subdivision are all officially available for download.

Simplicity Linux 12.7 Netbook:
Sometimes you don’t need a massive distro to get things done.  Sometimes you just need a browser and a few other apps.  That is what Simplicity Linux 12.7 Netbook does for you.  You get Firefox and Midori as browsers, Flash, a few other little bits and pieces, but nothing which is going to seriously strain your system.  It’s designed for people who are pretty much 24/7 connected to the Internet.  We personally have this installed on a USB key which we keep in a bag and boot our netbook from without even using a save file – because we just store everything on Dropbox!

Simplicity Linux 12.7 Media:
So using Simplicity for a netbook is great.  But what about your movies, your music, stuff like that?  We’ve got you covered there too!  Media is designed for entertainment.  You get Midori and Firefox, but you also get the amazing Clementine media player, which lets you get music from online and offline from a variety of sources.  You also get a link to Blinkbox, where you can choose between free older movies, or renting or buying new releases.  Our QA process may have involved quite a lot of watching The Batman cartoons from here…  Plus if you want to game, you can use OnLive or Gaikai.  There is a known about bug for OnLive where you need to search for the launcher using pfind, but this was discovered too late to rectify.  Apologies.

Simplicity Linux 12.7 Desktop:
Our heavyweight distro.  Yes it weighs in big at 557mb, but for that you get VLC, the full LibreOffice, Skype, Gimp and a whole ton of other full featured software.  If you need or just like local applications, then this is the Simplicity flavour for you.  It’s what we use around the office, and hopefully it includes everything you need to be productive.

Subdivision 12.7:
Our new, experimental distro.  This is aimed squarely at Windows users who are disillusioned with Windows, but find regular Linux too difficult to grasp.  At the moment it’s still alpha and unpolished, hence experimental, but current and former Windows users have told us that they like the familiarity it has.  It comes with LibreOffice, Skype, an anti virus and a preconfigured firewall.  Again it’s big, but you can just shove it on a USB key and boot faster than a Windows PC.  Subdivision is a seperate project from Simplicity, despite sharing code with it, but we plan to work harder on it for the 12.10 release cycle.